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Recorded on May 18, 2016

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Offering treatment for family and friends of addicts is imperative to recovery for all. We know addiction to be a family disease and efforts are certainly made to provide services for everyone. But often the family services are limited in time and resources. They are also limited because family members can be difficult to engage in treatment for themselves. This webinar will use a power point presentation that I designed for the session participants to use directly with their clients. The power point presentation is actually an electronic booklet entitled “Your Healthy Self: Skills for Working with Codependent Behaviors” and is available to all, free on the internet through my website: Anyone attending the webinar can use this already-available booklet as the webinar occurs. This webinar is intended to equip the treatment practitioner with a program applicable to anyone dealing with issues of loss of self in others, focusing on practical, behavioral ways to define codependency, visual tools to enhance understanding and recovery, and four specific areas of skill development “Illusions, Detaching, Boundaries, and Spirituality.” It is especially designed for use by clinicians working with family members affected by addiction and/or those working with individuals in recovery from addictions who are engaged in more advanced phases of their recovery. With this electronic booklet as the text, this webinar will both educate clients about codependent behaviors as well as help them learn skills to manage their tendencies to take care of, please, manage, control, and/or fix others. It is packaged in a way so as to offer both clinicians and clients, whether individually or in groups, as much information as possible within a reasonable amount of time. I have come to define codependency as over-functioning in someone else’s life and under-functioning in our own life. To this end, the skills taught in this workshop can help the individual with codependent behaviors find a healthier balance in care of self and others.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn an organized way to educate clients about codependent behaviors and healthy management of those behaviors.
  • Help clients understand the importance of a healthy self.
  • Learn four visual tools to cultivate a healthy self.
  • Learn skill sets in four areas which can help to cultivate a healthy self: Facing Illusions, Detaching, Setting Healthy Boundaries, and Developing Spirituality.

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Nancy L. Johnston, MS, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner in private practice in Lexington, VA. With 38 years of clinical experience, Nancy is an American Mental Health Counselors Association Diplomate and Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders. She has authored two books on codependency published by Central Recovery Press: Disentangle: When You've Lost Your Self in Someone Else (2011) and My Life as a Border Collie: Freedom from Codependency (2012). Over the past 10 years Nancy has presented at numerous conferences including the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders, the Carolinas Conference for Addiction and Recovery, Addiction: Focus on Women, the Virginia Summer Institute for Addiction Studies, the American Mental Health Counselors Association Annual Conference, and the Virginia Counselors Association Annual Conference. She also offers skill building trainings for codependent behaviors to the general public at her center in Lexington, VA and has created and facilitated 19 Codependence Camp retreats held in Abingdon, VA.

Who Should Attend

Addiction professionals, employee assistance professionals, social workers, mental health counselors, professional counselors, psychologists, and other helping professionals that are interested in learning about addiction-related matters.

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