Since 2006, NAADAC began working with Wong Wang Digital University to bring a standardized addiction education and training program to South Korea. In 2008, KNAADAC aligned with CITS (Christian International Temperance School) and accredited it as a representative Christian organization in Korea and education institute for KNAADAC certification. Since then, it has trained and produced many NAADAC credential holders. What is significant about this is the addition of a high standard of theoretical and academic resources to the foundation of CITS, which has been working in the addiction field for over 30 years. Not only were professional counselors in addiction and education trained but they have become effective at healing various types of persons with substance use disorders and are experiencing good results from their families being healed, solving their problems and with their families ongoing living and rehabilitation.

Allied with universities and seminaries and the representative organization of Korean Christianity, CITS, KNAADAC held an international addiction conference dealing with the seriousness of addiction and reaction plans in depth and raising the nation's interest.

Also, intervening in the actual fields of addiction problems, mental hospitals, KNAADAC is conducting whole-person education. KNAADAC is also developing a business in Seoul, Buyeo and Jindo in South Korea to solve the problems of addiction for persons with substance use disorders and their families.

KNAADAC is focusing on the three priorities: the addiction professionals development project; healing the addicts and their families; and supporting them to make a happy family and community. KNAADAC has gained NAADAC's approval and authority in managing addiction related business, and delivering education and training for certification in Asian countries including China, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines and some European countries.


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Address: 2FL, Ori-Ro 1298,Guro-Gu, Seoul, South Korea, 08249

KNAADAC Board Members:

  • President: C.Ed.D. Jeong Me Choi
  • Secretary General: Rev Do Hyong Kim
  • Accountant: Seok In Lee
  • Secretary: Joelle Lee
  • Secretary: Johnny Kim