Relational Trauma Repair (RTR) Sociometrics Certificate

Tian Dayton, PhD, and NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, are working in collaboration to bring you Relational Trauma Repair (RTR) Sociometrics Certificate, Level 1!

The RTR Sociometrics Certificate, Level 1 is designed to provide treatment professionals with the necessary skills and instruction to properly facilitate several of the therapeutic processes outlined in Dayton's latest book, Sociometrics: Embodied, Experiential Processes for Healing Trauma and Addiction. Over the course of five modules, participants will get in-depth guidance on how to use basic psychodrama techniques, spectrograms, locograms, floor checks, timelines, and experiential letter writing with the clients they serve. Certificate requirements include a combination of live training, readings from Dayton’s book, instructional videos with step-by-step guidance and clinical tips, and content knowledge tests.

Course registration for the certificate training modules will launch this fall! 

In the meantime, you can fulfill one certificate requirement by registering for Dayton’s post-conference training, Sociometrics: Experiential Therapy Made Manageableon October 11th and 12th at the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration in Indianapolis, IN!

The connection between substance use disorders and trauma has been well established in the research. While numbers may vary depending on the study, it is safe to say that if you provide SUD treatment, then you are likely treating clients with a history of trauma. The treatment of trauma must be executed with care and caution, yet many clinicians in the addiction field feel ill-equipped and underprepared to help their clients with trauma histories.

What is often missed in treatment for adult relational trauma are reparative experiences that help heal from the experience of relational rupture and loss of connection to parts of the self. Interpretations and advice are less effective than full-body, visceral experiences of reconnecting with oneself and others in a supportive context. 

Baked into the sociometric processes are the elements that make up healing. The power of a group to heal each other is accessed and a sense of personal volition gets restored. Clients then become comfortable sharing with each other in meaningful ways, opening up to what is inside of them, and being receptive to what is inside of others. Sociometrics are designed to take the guesswork out of using experiential therapy to heal relational trauma issues and restore aliveness and resilience. They are psychoeducational, experiential, manageable processes that are designed to feel safe, engaging, supportive, and even game-like.

Upon completion of the RTR Sociometrics Certificate, Level 1, certificate holders will be able to  facilitate these effective sociometric processes with their clients. Through facilitation of the processes, clients will be able to have an embodied experience of reengagement with their inner world, share and listen authentically, gain a felt sense of emotional literacy and regulation, and revitalize the social engagement system to help heal the shutdown, over reactivity and disengagement that is part of cPTSD.


Please contact NAADAC Director of Training and Professional Development Jessica O’Brien, LCSW, CASAC, at [email protected] or 703.253.3893.