Substance Abuse Professional's U.S. DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulation Qualification & Requalification Live Trainings

SAP ManualJoin NAADAC President Mita M. Johnson, EdD, LPC, MAC, SAP, CTHP-II, for live two-day in-person or virtual U.S. DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Qualification and/or Requalification Courses.

These live, interactive two-day trainings are designed to provide the required 12 hours of professional development relevant to performing SAP functions for people who wish to obtain their U.S. DOT SAP Qualification (or Requalification).

Registration for live trainings includes the bound Substance Abuse Professional's U.S. DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulation Qualification & Requalification Course manual and access to a 100-question initial SAP Qualification exam or the 25-question Requalification exam to allow the student to demonstrate their knowledge of the required regulations and skills. Participants must achieve a passing score of 75% or higher to qualify to apply for their initial SAP Qualification or Requalification.

Upcoming Live Trainings

Two-Day Virtual SAP Initial Qualification - 12-CE Hour Live Training

Thursday, February 3, 2022 - Friday, February 4, 2022 from 9:00am - 4:30 pm ET

Each training day will run from 9:00am ET to 4:30pm ET, with a one-hour break from 12:00pm - 1:00pm ET, and 5-minute breaks at the top of every hour, for a total of six-hours of education per day. 

Register Today

Missed the Requalification Training in November 2021?  You can attend this training to receive information needed for your NAADAC SAP Requalification exam.

Registration Information
SAP Training Registration Fee Member Non-Member
Online Registration (with SAP Manual)
Deadline: Jan. 30, 2022
Call-In Registration (without SAP Manual)
Deadline: Feb. 3, 2022

*Plus Shipping ($9 for contiguous United States)

Registration Includes:

  • SAP Manual: All registrations for the two-day SAP training include purchase of the Substance Abuse Professional's U.S. DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulation Qualification and Requalification Course manual. Attendees are required to have the most recent version of the NAADAC SAP manual (green cover) to participate in the training. 
    • If you already own the latest NAADAC SAP manual (green cover), please call NAADAC Operations Manager Richard Goodman at 703.741.7686 x122 to get a registration discount ($150 off for members or $200 off for non-members).
  • 100-Question Initial Qualification Exam or 25-Question Requalification Exam: All registrants will receive access to their approriate exam after the training.*  
    • Please note that after passing your exam, you will still need to submit the appropriate completed application with a copy of your current qualifying license or certification within 18 months of passing your online exam to renew or obtain your SAP Qualification, get your SAP Qualification certificate, and be listed in NAADAC's online SAP Directory.
  • Initial SAP Qualification Application or SAP Requalification Application: All attendees will receive access to their appropriate application after the training.**

*If you obtained your most recent SAP Qualification through another organization, you must take NAADAC's 100-question initial SAP Qualification Exam and apply for your renewal using the Initial SAP Qualification Application. 

**Please note that while the SAP training and education is available to anyone, you must meet the U.S. Department of Transportation's eligibility criteria to obtain your SAP Qualification and be listed in NAADAC's online SAP Directory.  Please check the eligibility guidelines.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations for the February training received prior to February 1, 2022 will receive a refund, minus the cost of the mailed SAP manual and a 10% administrative fee.  If the refund request is received prior to the SAP manual being mailed out, only a 10% administrative fee will be charged.  Thereafter, no refunds are given.  Please send all cancellation requests directly to [email protected]

About the Trainer
Mita M. Johnson, EdD, LPC, MAC, SAP, CTHP-II, has been practicing in the world of mental health, marriage and family, and addictions counseling for the past 30 years. She earned her Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision degree and is a core faculty member in the School of Counseling program at Walden University. In addition, she has a thriving private practice where she provides clinical supervision, counseling services to our military, and addiction-specific training and education. She has been providing telebehavioral health services to individuals and groups for several years and is a board certified telehealth practitioner. She is involved in regulatory and credentialing activities in Colorado and regional workforce recruitment and retention initiatives. Her areas of specialization include pharmacology, co-occurring disorders, ethics, culturally-responsive care, and clinical supervision. She has been an active member of NAADAC for over 15 years, has served as the Ethics Chair, and began her term as NAADAC’s President in October 2020.


As mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), these trainings outline the nine required learning components:

  1. Background, rationale and coverage of the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing program;
  2. 49 C.F.R. § 40 and DOT agency drug and alcohol testing rules;
  3. Key DOT drug testing requirements, including collections, laboratory testing, MRO review and problems in drug testing;
  4. Key DOT alcohol testing requirements, including the testing process, the roles of BATs and STTs and problems in alcohol testing;
  5. SAP qualifications and prohibitions;
  6. The role of the SAP in the return-to-duty process, including the initial employee evaluation, referrals for education and/or treatment, the follow-up evaluation, continuing treatment recommendations and the follow-up testing plan;
  7. SAP consultation and communication with employers, MROs and treatment providers;
  8. Reporting and record keeping requirements; and
  9. Issues that SAPs confront in carrying out their duties under the program.

Additional Resources

For more information on becoming a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), follow the above links, call 703.741.7686 x122 or email Richard Goodman, SAP Administrator, at [email protected].