In order to maintain a quality credential which is meaningful to its holders and to the community of clients, it is essential that credential holders, regardless of experience or prior training, maintain currency in all of the recognized skill groups and are knowledgeable in the most modern counseling techniques.

To ensure that the highest standards are maintained, credential holders need to be recredentialed on a scheduled basis. The following instructions and criteria have been approved by the NCC AP and will be in effect for all of the recredentialing processes.


Renewal of the NCAC INCAC IIMACNCAAC, NDS, and NCPRSS credentials are required every two years. The NSCE credentials must be renewed every three years. If you have not received your re-credentialing application, please visit the webpage of your credential and download a renewal application.

Renewal Application Process

Each NCC AP credential has a unique recertification application process, which includes submitted a completed renewal application and fee. Please visit the webpage of your credential to learn its renewal requirements for state credential/licensing and the number and/or specific kind of contact hours of education & training required. Click here for a list of NCC AP credentials webpages.

In general, renewal applications go through the following process:

  • As a first step, your payment is processed when our office receives your application and you should receive an order confirmation and order confirmation letter confirming your purchase of a renewal application.  
  • Next, your application is provided to the Certification Department and goes in the queue for processing.  If your application is incomplete or is missing any required supplemental documentation, the Certification Department will reach out to you with details.  If you don't hear from the Department within six weeks, that means everything appears to be in order and your application is moving along in the process.  
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail along with a new gold seal showing your new expiration date to put on your credential certificate.

Processing Times

Please note that the average processing time for a complete renewal application is 4 to 6 weeks, although times may vary based on the number of applications in the processing queue at any given time.  Please do not contact the Certification Department for an update on your application before 6 weeks have passed since the date your payment was accepted, as unnecssary status check emails and phone calls will delay our staff in processing all applications.  Please only call or email our staff if you have an urgent processing issue or timeline.


It is no longer necessary to submit copies of training certificates; however, you must retain such materials in case of verification requests. The NCC AP will randomly audit 10% of all applications. If your application is selected for audit, you must furnish your training verification certificates and any other outstanding documentation.

Recertification Fees

All NCC AP credentials may be renewed for $200 each.

Late & Reinstatement Fees

A late fee of $50 will be applied to all renewals up to 30 past the re-certification deadline. Between 30-60 days, an additional reinstatement fee of $50 will also be applied.

Status Changes

In order to accommodate counselors who encounter difficulties maintaining their education, etc., and those who may elect to briefly leave the field, there are two options available to preserve a NCC AP credential. All status changes cost $50 per credential.

  • Inactive Status: NCC AP also recognizes that certain counselors may not be working full time in the field throughout the recredentialing period because of extended training opportunities, other work opportunities, economic pressures, medical reasons, and retirement.  During such periods, counselors may place their NCC AP credential in an inactive status for up to five years. NCC AP must receive a written request from the individual desiring inactive status prior to the date the inactive status is to go into effect. Individuals may not use the credential, endorsement, or certificate until the renewal process is complete.

    Download Inactive Status Request form