These webinars are a component of the Recovery to Practice (RTP) Initiative that is designed to hasten awareness, acceptance, and adoption of recovery-based practices in the delivery of addiction-related services.

Defining Addiction Recovery
  • Presented by William White
What Does Science Say? Reviewing Recovery Research
  • Presented by William White
The History of Recovery in the United States and the Addiction Profession
  • Presented by William White
Defining Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)
  • Presented by Cherie Hunter
Understanding the Role of Peer Recovery Coaches in the Addiction Profession
  • Presented by Phil Valentine
Including Family and Community in the Recovery Process
  • Presented by William White and Joe Powell
Collaborating with Other Professions, Professionals, and Communities
  • Presented by Gerry Schmidt and Sherri Layton
Using Recovery-Oriented Principles in Addiction Counseling Practice
  • Presented by Cynthia Moreno Tuohy and Dan Griffin
Exploring Techniques to Support Long-Term Addiction Recovery
  • Presented by Gisela Berger and Art Romero

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