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Recovery has always had a stronghold in the addiction profession and its workforce.  The addiction profession, founded by individuals in recovery, laid the groundwork to provide addiction services within a recovery orientation.  The Recovery to Practice (RTP) Certificate Program is designed to further hasten awareness, acceptance, and adoption of recovery-based practices in the delivery of addiction-related services and builds on SAMHSA’s definition and fundamental components of recovery.  By obtaining this Certificate, addiction professionals are demonstrating to employers, third-party payors, and clients their advanced education in recovery-oriented concepts, skills, and practices.  Simply complete the required education and receive a Professional Certificate to hang on your wall and include in your portfolio.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Provide documentation of 30 contact hours of continuing education from the “Approved Education List” below (Note: Must include 15.5 hours of “Required Coursework” and 14.5 hours or more of “Flexible Coursework”)
  • Complete this application
  • Submit payment
  • $50 for members of NAADAC
  • $100 for non-members of NAADAC
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Approved Education List

PLEASE NOTE: This certificate is meant purely as an educational tool and does not qualify certificate holders to counsel those with addictions.

Flexible Coursework

Each applicant must select from the following list to gain the remaining required continuing education hours (14.5 CEs):