May 3, 2017
Universidad del Este

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Puerto Rico Administration of Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services (Administracion de Servicios de Salud y Contra la Adiccion (ASSMCA), and NAADAC joined forces to reach out to build awareness and educate high school and college/university students about the benefits and opportunities in the substance use and mental health disorder professions in the hope of increasing the number of college/university students choosing to enter the behavioral health field and specializing in these disciplines.

The Puerto Rico SAMHSA-NAADAC Workforce Forum focused on the rewarding benefits of the substance use and mental health disorder disciplines that deliver not only a fulfilling life of helping others, but the opportunity for advancement and creativity.  In addition, students learned about Puerto Rico's workforce needs, certification and licensing requirements, national certification opportunities, networking and mentoring connections, and other professional development opportunities.  Finally, students visited with local substance use disorder treatment providers to learn more about employment and internship opportunities


Please contact Emma I. Berrios at 787.763.7575 x1081 or [email protected].