Professional Liability Insurance: A Must For All Mental Health and Addiction Professionals in this Challenging Environment

NAADAC members receive reduced rates for professional liability and premises liability insurance for individuals, agencies, peer recovery support specialists, and students through American Professional Agency, Inc. (APA, Inc.). Call 800.421.6694 for full details.


Recorded on Thursday, August 25, 2022 


Addiction counselors, affiliates, and licensed mental health professionals are facing new realities and challenges in this ever-changing environment, and there is a need to recognize the various liabilities associated with the delivery of services. This webinar is geared toward providing a basic explanation of malpractice insurance, more commonly referred to as “professional liability insurance.” Presenters will discuss the importance and necessity of maintaining coverage in the care, custody, and control of the professional providing services; provide an understanding of the different policy forms available on the market while simplifying the differences; discuss limits of liability and defense limits for lawsuits/claims and licensing board procedures; determine individualized comprehensive coverage designed for each policyholder, including eligibility, application completion, and commonly missed questions; and discuss in-house claims and risk management helpline resources, which are the first line of defense when facing common liability issues. Attendees will participate in a Q&A session and share personal experiences following the webinar.


Cynthia I. Tunney, RPLU, is the Vice President of Marketing for American Professional Agency, Inc. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Fairfield University, Tunney began her career working for a large national insurance company. For the last 22 years she has been employed by American Professional Agency, Inc., one of the largest program administrators in the mental health field, first in the capacity of a registered professional liability underwriter (RPLU), then as a supervisor of several programs, and now as the Vice President of Marketing. Tunney is well versed and has extensive knowledge in the professional liability insurance sector with a thorough understanding of the types of policies offered and the various insurance options available. Tunney has assisted policyholders in developing individual action plans best suited for the exposures that professionals are facing in today’s challenging environment.

Antonia Fotinos is the Assistant Supervisor of the Mental Health Program Division at American Professional Agency, Inc. where she has worked for 17 years. While there, Fotinos and has underwritten and supervised in multiple mental health programs. She assists and advises professionals with various degrees and licensure to assure that the proper coverages are in place, protecting individuals, groups and students. In addition, Fotinos attends many national conventions, where she shares her knowledge of professional liability insurance, coverage and benefit features as well as provides instruction for obtaining an insurance policy.


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