NAADAC's Emerging Leaders Award Given to Metropolitan State University Alcohol and Drug Counseling Student Association (ADCSA)

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, recognized Metropolitan State University Alcohol and Drug Counseling Student Association (ADCSA) the recipient of its 2017 Emerging Leaders Award  for its significant impact on its community, innovative thinking, commitment to the advancement of the public’s understanding of addiction, and exemplary leadership.  

This vibrant program serves addiction counseling students at all levels through the work of enthusiastic students and advisors and has engaged in advocacy work at the campus, state, and national levels. It provides a peer support environment focusing on good communication and empowerment, enhances students’ educational experiences to help promote the addiction profession, provides leadership and community service opportunities, and recruits and supports students from under-represented backgrounds.

Over the past several years, ADCSA has co-sponsored on-campus Recovery Advocacy Seminars and held naloxone trainings on campus. In addition, its members have participated state public policy briefings and visited their state legislators to support such efforts as “Good Samaritan” protection, naloxone availability, funding for recovery schools and the recent Department of Human Services effort to reform the substance use disorders service delivery system.

ADCSA also strongly promotes NAADAC student membership, and has obtained student activity fees funding to send students to NAADAC’s Annual Conference and Advocacy in Action Conference.

The 2017 Emerging Leaders award was presented to Christine Nelson and Vanessa Kissinger as representatives for the Metropolitan State University Alcohol and Drug Counseling Student Association at the 2017 Advocacy in Action Reception held in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, October 1, 2017 in conjunction with the 2017 Public Policy Institute and Hill Day.  For more information on the advocacy conference, click here.

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