NAADAC Partners with Telebehavioral Health Institute to Serve Behavioral Health

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) to bring telemental and telebehavioral to addiction treatment. With this strategic partnership, NAADAC members will be able to access discounted telebehavioral health education and resources through TBHI, an institute devoted to training and consultation with professionals seeking to develop the legal, ethical, and clinical competencies related to working with technology in behavioral health.

Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, BSW, NCAC II, CDC III, SAP, Executive Director of NAADAC, said “NAADAC is very excited to be working with TBHI to bring telehealth training and certification to NAADAC members at a discount and help our members and their programs expand into telehealth in an informed, ethical way. We believe telehealth shows a lot of promise for providing services that cover addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery for rural and underserved areas and will become increasingly important as we deal with future addiction workforce shortages. Dr. Maheu has incredible influence, passion, leadership, and knowledge about telebehavioral health, and we trust that she and TBHI can provide our members with best practices to expand into telehealth and better serve their clients”.

Dr. Marlene Maheu, a pioneer in the field of telebehavioral health and the founder of TBHI, said, "We are delighted to be bringing telemental and telebehavioral health to NAADAC." Dr. Maheu also expressed her enthusiasm for NAADAC by noting that “NAADAC is the leading professional association for addiction counselors and other addiction professionals. It espouses our values of interprofessional teamwork by welcoming professionals from all behavioral disciplines to work together toward shared addiction interventions. NAADAC’s visionary leadership also supports the pivotal role that telehealth can provide in reaching the many millions of people who receive little or no addictions treatment. NAADAC’s leadership has taken a strong stand that professionals need have training in telebehavioral health competencies prior to delivering care through technology. To this end, they are working closely with TBHI to deliver a variety of training options for NAADAC members.” For starters, NAADAC will be making TBHI professional online training available to its members at a 20 percent discount.

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NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, represents the professional interests of more than 100,000 addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused healthcare professionals in the United States, Canada, and abroad. NAADAC’s members are addiction counselors, educators, and other addiction-focused health care professionals, who specialize in addiction prevention, treatment, recovery support, and education. An important part of the healthcare continuum, NAADAC members, and its 47 state affiliates work to create healthier individuals, families and communities through prevention, intervention, quality treatment and recovery support.

The Telebehavioral Health Institute, Inc. (TBHI) specializes in telemental and telebehavioral health, competency-based, professional training. All professional training is available 100 percent online, allowing professionals to learn 24/7 while remaining in the comfort of their home or office. With trainees in more than 73 countries focused on legal, ethical, clinical, and technical issues, TBHI offers consultation for planning, launching, and thriving with telepsychiatry, telepsychology, distance counseling, online therapy, telespeech therapy, tele-occupational therapy, and behavioral telehealth. TBHI offers webinars, individual courses, and full Certificate Programs for professionals who want to reach clients/patients who otherwise cannot or will not travel. Training is available with CE Hours approved by several national associations for counselors, social workers, psychologists, addiction specialists, and others, including NAADAC. Staffing services and job opportunities are also available. TBHI consults with start-up technology companies seeking to develop new verticals in behavioral health. Contact:

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