NAADAC Announces 2018 SAMHSA-NAADAC Workforce Forum Awardees

For the third consecutive year, NAADAC and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) are joining forces with four Single State Authority offices and their local colleges around the country to host a series of Workforce Forums. The Workforce Forums will reach out to build awareness and educate high school and college/university students about the benefits and opportunities in the substance use and mental health disorder professions in the hope of increasing the number of college/university students choosing to enter the behavioral health field and specializing in these disciplines.

NAADAC is excited to announce that the four Single State Authorities Awardees for the 2018 SAMHSA-NAADAC Workforce Forums. The 2018 SAMHSA-NAADAC Workforce Forum Awardees are:

  • Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services;
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services; Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division;
  • Illinois Department of Human Services – Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse; and
  • New Mexico Human Services Department, Behavioral Health Services Division.

The combination of the current workforce shortage and the increase in funding due to the opioid crisis has resulted in more employment opportunities in the addiction profession, allowing addiction professionals entering the field to find and maintain employment in disciplines that are on the rise and are gaining credibility in the global health care arena.

The SAMHSA-NAADAC Workforce Forums will focus on the rewarding benefits of the substance use and mental health disorder disciplines, opportunities for advancement and creativity, the state's workforce needs, state certification and licensing requirements, national certification opportunities, networking and mentoring connections, and other professional development opportunities. Students will be allowed the opportunity to hear from local substance use disorder treatment providers to learn more about employment and internship opportunities and about ways that they can join to the workforce and contribute to its efforts.  

“It has been a priority of NAADAC to work with SAMHSA and State Directors of Substance Use and Mental Health programs to shine a light on the need for a greater workforce in these growing disciplines,” stated Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, NAADAC’s Executive Director.  “NAADAC is excited to join forces with these states to build awareness and bring solutions to the workforce crisis that necessitates a 20% increase in counselors by the year 2024.”

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