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Practice Management, Policy & Technology

Psychopharmacology, Neurobiology, and Research

Cultural Humility & Specific Population

Recovery Support

Co-occurring Disorders

Clinical Skills

Brief Therapy: Evidence-Based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Its Effective Use with the Most Challenging Clients (2015)

CBT: Shifting from Cognitive to Behavioral Approaches in CBT (2012)

Attachment Disorder: Heroin is my Father, Booze is My Mother: Addiction as an Attachment Disorder (2016)

Chronic Pain: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Resource Tapping (EMDR) in the Treatment of Chronic Pain (2016)

Co-Dependancy: Your Healthy Self: Skills for Working with Codependent Behaviors (2016)

Conflict Resolution: Rein in Your Brain: From Impulsivity to Thoughtful Living in Recovery (2014)

Eating Disorders: Interventions with Eating Disorders (2016)

E-Cigarettes: E-Cigarettes: A Cessation Device or Alternative Vice? The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (2016)

Family: Including Family and Community in the Recovery Process (2014)

Groups: Clinical Skills for Group Evidence-Based Practice (2015)

Marijuana: Understanding Cannabis Use and Related Disorders (2013)

Mindfulness: Mindfulness and Addiction Treatment (2015)

Mindfulness: Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practice as Recovery Maintenance (2016)

Motivational Interviewing: Motivational Interviewing with Criminal Justice Populations (2016)

Mutual Support Groups: Referring to Mutual Support Groups - Distinguishing between the Choices (2012)

Prevention: Connecting the Continuum: How Prevention Fits with Treatment (2015)

Retention: Improving Retention and Outcomes: The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (2015)

ROSC: Defining Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) (2014)

Self Care: Wounded Healer to Worthy Helper (2016)

Self Harm: Cutting Edge: Understanding Clients Who Engage in Self-Injurious Behaviors (2015)

Skills: Using Recovery-Oriented Principles in Addiction Counseling Practice (2014)

Spirituality: The Spirituality of Addiction (2016)

Street Drugs:Emerging Drugs - Bath Salts, Herbal Incense and Purple Drank (2013)

Trauma: A Primer on Attachment, Trauma, and Substance Use Disorders (2014)

Trauma: Integrated CBT for PTSD (2012)

Trauma: Schizophrenia vs PTSD? Why It Matters in Trauma-Informed Systems of Care (2015)


Adolescents: Access Granted - Building a Therapeutic Relationship with Adolescents (2012)

Adolescents: Counseling Adolescent and Minority Clients with Substance Use Disorders (2015)

Adolescents: Adolescent Development and Susceptibility of Teens Toward Addiction (2016)

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision: Clinical Supervision - Keys to Success (2011)

Clinical Supervision: Clinical Supervision 201 - Ethical Dilemmas and Other Challenge (2012)

Assessment & Diagnosis

DSM vs ICD: Comparing Alcohol Use in the DSM-IV-TR, DSM-5, and ICD-10 (2015)

ASAM Criteria: Understanding the New ASAM Criteria (2015)

SBIRT: The Addiction Professional's Mini Guide to SBIRT (2013)

Process Addictions


HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens