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Practice Management, Policy & Technology

ADA: The Americans with Disabilities Act: Substance Use Disorder and Eliminating Discriminatory Barriers to Treatment and Recovery (2020)

Advocacy: Motivating the Troops: Creating an Advocacy Mechanism (2017)

Advocacy: What’s Advocacy Got to Do With You and the Future of Addiction Services (2018)

Advocacy: Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program: Reducing Substance Use Disorders (2018)

Advocacy: 42 CFR Part 2: Understanding the New Final Rules and Where We Go From Here (2018)

Advocacy: Advocating in Your State – Where Most of the Rubber Meets the Road! (2018)

Advocacy: The Current Status of Federal Funding Supporting Substance Use Disorder Services (2018)

Advocacy: Building Effective Relationships with Lawmakers: Understand Your Role as a NAADAC Constituent (2018)

Advocacy: Advocacy Series, Session I: Shaping Policy and Practice Through Advocacy (2020)

Advocacy: Advocacy Series, Session II: Updates on Federal SUD Funding (2020)

Advocacy: Advocacy Series, Session III: Bolstering the Addiction Workforce – A Call to Action (2020)

Advocacy: Advocacy Series, Session IV: Confidentiality Rule Changes and 42 CFR (2020)

Advocacy: Advocacy Series, Session V: Bringing it Home – Grassroots Advocacy (2020)

Advocacy: 117th Congress: What You Need to Know (2021)

Billing/Reimbursements: Value-Based Reimbursement: Huge Opportunities for Treatment Programs (2017)

Certification/Licensure: Strategies for Successful Test Taking (2011)

Certification/Licensure/Professional Development: Your Journey to Entering the Recovery Coach Workforce (2022)

Education: How to Achieve NASAC Accreditation? (NASAC Webinar) (2018)

Education: How to Apply for NASAC Accreditation (2019)

Practice Management: Improving Retention, Outcomes, and Supervision with PCOMS (2017)

Practice Management: Why Seek NASAC Accreditation? (2017)

Practice Management: Measurement Based Care: An Essential Component of High-Quality Behavioral Healthcare (2020)

Practice Management: Developing Performance Measurement and Management Plans that Make Sense (2022)

SAP: Build Your Business With the Dept of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Qualification (2016)

SAP: How to Market Yourself as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) (2012)

Self Care: Self-Care for Addiction Professionals: Why It Counts and How to Do It (2017)

Self Care: Authentic Self-Care for Addiction Professionals (2018)

Self Care: Virtual Workplace Wellness: Successfully Managing Change and Reducing Stress (2020)

Self-Care: Targeted Self-Care for Uniquely Stressful Times (2021)

Telehealth: 7 Ways to Legally and Ethically Expand Your Services with Evidence-Based Telehealth (2017)

Telehealth: COVID-19: Telehealth for Opioid Addiction Interventions (2020)

Telehealth: The Fundamentals of Telemental Health and Ethics (2021)

Workforce (SAMHSA/NAADAC): Focus on the Addiction and Mental Health Workforce: Increasing Recruitment For Today and Tomorrow (SAMHSA/NAADAC Workforce Webinar) (2016)

Workforce (SAMHSA/NAADAC): Focus on the Addiction and Mental Health Workforce: Increasing Retention For Today and Tomorrow (SAMHSA/NAADAC Workforce Webinar) (2016)

Workforce (SAMHSA/NAADAC): Research to Strengthen Behavioral Health Workforce Capacity Webinar (SAMHSA/NAADAC Workforce Webinar) (2017)

Workforce (SAMHSA/NAADAC): Understanding the Roles of Addiction Professionals in Behavioral Health Care (SAMHSA/NAADAC Workforce Webinar) (2017)

Workforce: Beyond "Getting a Job": Understanding and Addressing Employment and Career Development Issues (2016) 

Workforce (NIDA/NAADAC): Collision of SUD and COVID-19: A NIDA Update (2020)

Workforce Stress: Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and the Strengths-Based Workplace (2016)

Psychopharmacology, Neurobiology, and Research

Brain Injury: Treating Substance Use Disorders in Brain Injury Survivors (2016)

Genetics: Genetics of Substance Use Disorder and Neurotransmitter Solutions (2019)

Genetics: “Alco-Genes” in the Bottle: Genetically Based SUD Treatment (2021)

Medications: The Ins & Outs of Medication-Assisted Treatment & Recovery for Alcohol Dependence (2013)

Medications: The Ins & Outs of Medication-Assisted Treatment & Recovery for Opioid Dependence (2013)

Medications: NOW What’re We Supposed to Do? Evidence-Based Practices for Medication-Assisted Treatment (2017)

Medications: Comprehensive Medication Assisted Treatment (2018)

Medications: Therapeutic Considerations of Psychopharmacology for Opiate Use Disorder (2018)

Medications: Medication Assisted Recovery in Complex Situations (2019)

Medications: Treatment Considerations: Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders with Buprenorphine (2021)

Medications: The Intersection of DEA, Opioids, and MAT (2022)

Medications: Implicit Memory and Connection in Addiction Treatment (2022)

Medications: Incorporating Peer Recovery Support Services in Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (2022)

Medications: Integrated Dynamic Care Model for Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (2022)

Neurobiology: Diathesis Stress Model of Addiction: Etiology of Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders (2017)

Neurobiology: Managing the Medusa: The Neurobiology of Addiction, Intervention, and Recovery (2015)

Neurobiology: The Use of EMDR Therapy in the Treatment of Addiction (2015)

Neurobiology: The Science of Recovery: Introduction to Brain Development and Neuroplasticity (2016)

Neurobiology: Addiction and Recovery 2021: The Latest Findings from Neuroscience Research (2021)

Neurobiology: Implicit Memory and Connection in Addiction Treatment (2022)

Neurocounseling: Neurocounseling: Bridging the Recovery Gap (2017)

Neuroscience: Addiction as a Relational Disorder: A Neuro-Informed Treatment Perspective (2017)

Neuroscience: Neuroscience of Addiction: A New Way to Think about Recovery (2018)

Prenatal Alcohol Consumption: The Neurocognitive Effects of Maternal Prenatal Alcohol Consumption on the Fetus and Postnatal Developing Child (2016)

Cultural Humility & Specific Population

Adolescents: Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders: Already in our Care (2020)

Adolescents: Protect Your Brain: Addressing Adolescent African American Males and Substance Use (2021)

Adolescents: The Addiction Professional’s Mini Guide to SBIRT for Adolescents (2021)

African Americans: Counseling African Americans With Substance Use Disorders (2015)

African Americans: Substance Use Disorder in the African American Community (2020)

Age: Cultural Humility: Clients in the Five Current Generations (2015)

Chronic Pain: Intersection of Race, Culture, Chronic Disease and Chronic Pain (2019)

Criminal Justice: Life after Incarceration: Current Policy Landscape & Toolkit for Professionals (2016)

Criminal Justice: RACEing Through Revolving Doors: Reducing Recidivism (2021)

Criminal Justice: Intersection of Addictions, Race, and Criminal Justice (2022)

Cultural Humility: Developing Cultural Humility: Seeing Ourselves in Others (2015)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part I: Understanding SUD Disparities Among LGBTQIA People (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part II: Social Class Bias & the Negative Impact on Treatment Outcomes (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part III: Do You Know Who You Are and For Whom You Provide Services? (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part IV: Critical Issues in LGBTQIA Patient Care (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part V: Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Latinx Communities (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part VI: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part VII: Four Directions of Diversity - Honoring Differences (2020)

Cultural Humility: Cultural Humility Series, Part VIII: Social Responsibility in the Addiction Profession & Town Hall (2020)

Cultural Humility: Opioid Use Disorder in the Black Community: Expert Panel Discussion (2020)

Cultural Humility: Rehabilitating Addiction Treatment: An Anti-Racist Recovery Approach (2021)

Cultural Humility: “Keys to the Kingdom”: Developing Culturally Relevant SUD Education for Black Addiction Professionals (2021)

Cultural Humility: A Gestalt View of the Latino Experience with Substance Use Disorders (2021)

Cultural Humility: Through Rose-Colored Glasses: When Cultural Competency Isn't Enough (2021)

Cultural Humility: Braiding Western Treatment Modalities and Indigenous Approaches for SUDs: Sweetgrass Method (2022)

Cultural Humility: Intersection of Addictions, Race, and Criminal Justice (2022)

Cultural Humility: Perspectives: Navigating Gender Differences Between Counselor and Client (2022)

DHH: Identifying Barriers and Resources When Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing People with Substance Use Disorders (2020)

Emerging Adults: Counseling Emerging Adults With Substance Use Disorders (2020)

Latino/Hispanic: Cultural Humility and Counseling Hispanic and Latino Populations (2014)

Latino/Hispanic: U.S. Latino Youth Street Gangs: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Service Providers (2016)

Latino/Hispanic: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 1 (2021)

Latino/Hispanic: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 2 (2021)

Latino/Hispanic: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 3 (2021)

Latino/Hispanic: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 4 (2021)

LGBT: Providing Culturally Competent and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Affirmative Care (2014)

LGBT: Influence on Addiction and Mental Health in the LGBT Population (2017)

LGBT: Advancing Awareness in LGBTQ Care Series (2021)

Older Adults: Effective Treatment of Substance Use Disorders and Trauma for Older Adults (2016)

Older Adults: Baby Boomers & Substance Use: How Holistic Care Can Help (2021)

Veterans: Combat Trauma and Addiction (2013)

Recovery Support

Clinical: Effective Treatment for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (2022)

Clinical: Deconstructing Substance Use and Wellness from a Sociocultural Perspective (2022)

Clinical: Music and the Brain in Recovery (2022)

College Programs: The Role of Collegiate Recovery Programs and the Continuum of Care (2018)

History: History of Recovery in the United States and the Addiction Profession (2014)

Mindfullness: Mindfulness in Recovery (2017)

Peer Credentialing: National Peer Recovery Support Credentialing – Now Is the Time (2018)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Services - Initiating, Stabilizing and Sustaining Long-term Recovery (2012)

Peer Recovery: Understanding the Role of Peer Recovery Coaches in the Addiction Profession (2014)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Series, Section I: Building a Successful Culture in Your Organization (2020)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Series, Section II: Hiring, Onboarding, and Integration (2020)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Series, Section III: Understanding the Pathway and the Process (2020)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Series, Section IV: The Participatory Process for Solutions to Addiction (2020)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Series, Section V: Supervision and Management (2020)

Peer Recovery: Peer Recovery Support Series, Section VI: A Deeper Dive Into Coaching Recovery (2020)

Peer Recovery: Incorporating Peer Recovery Support Services in Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (2022)

Peer Recovery: Your Journey to Entering the Recovery Coach Workforce (2022)

Neuroscience: Neuroscience of Addiction: A New Way to Think about Recovery (2018)

Recovery: Defining Addiction Recovery (2014)

Recovery: Collaborating with Other Professions, Professionals & Communities (2014)

Recovery: Exploring Techniques to Support Long-term Addiction Recovery (2014)

Recovery: Applying Emotional Intelligence to Recovery (2017)

Relapse Prevention: Nonopiate Therapy for Chronic Pain (2020)

Spirituality: Spirituality & Recovery - The Art & Science of Healing (2012)

Spirituality: Rise in Recovery: The Science of Addiction and Spirituality of Healing (2019)


Co-occurring Disorders

Acceptance Commitment Therapy: Using Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) (2017)

ADHD: Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder: Addiction’s Perfect Storm (2016)

ADHD: Always Daring Distraction: ADHD and Substance Use Disorders (2020)

Adolescents: Developmental Trauma Disorder (2017)

COD: Integrating Co-occurring Disorders - An Introduction to What Every Addiction Counselor Needs to Know (2011)

COD: Counseling Clients with Co-Occurring Disorders (2015)

COD: Dual Diagnosis in Women: Diagnosis, Self-Harm, and Treatment (2016)

COD: Co-Occurring/Interrelated Domestic Violence & Substance Use Disorders (2017)

COD: Overlapping Issues: Domestic & Sexual Violence, Mental Health, Trauma & Substance Use (2018)

COD: The Connection Between Substance Use and Human Trafficking (2022)

COD: Switching Deckchairs on the Titanic: Eating Disorders as a Growing Phenomenon of Cross-Addiction (2022)

COD/Personality Disorder: Working with Individuals Diagnosed with Personality Disorders (2018)

COD/Personality Disorder: Working with Antisocial Personality: Etiology Through Treatment Interventions (2020)

Eating Disorders: Recognizing Eating Disorder Behavior in the Substance Use Disorder Population (2018)

Depression: The Unbearable Heaviness of Loneliness (2020)

Psychosis: Substance Use & Psychosis: Interventions for Intertwined Issues (2021)

PTSD: Cognitive Restructuring for PTSD: Non-Exposure Treatment for Trauma (2020)

Suicide: Substance Use Disorders and Suicide: Addressing a Co-occurring Epidemic (2020)

Trauma: Energy Psychology Techniques for Reducing Trauma & Addiction (2020)

Trauma: Psychological First Aid During COVID-19 (2020)

Trauma: Virtual Town Hall: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on the Addiction Profession (2020) 

Trauma: The Connection Between Substance Use and Human Trafficking (2022)

Clinical Skills

Attachment Disorder: Heroin is my Father, Booze is My Mother: Addiction as an Attachment Disorder (2016)

Attachment Disorder: Dying to Connect: Addiction as an Attachment Disorder (2020)

Brief Therapy: Evidence-Based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Its Effective Use with the Most Challenging Clients (2015)

Behavior Change: Less Is More: A Breakthrough Method for Lasting Change (2019)

CBT: Shifting from Cognitive to Behavioral Approaches in CBT (2012)

CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders (2018)

CBT: Utilizing Counterconditioning (Aversion) Treatment as an Effective CBT for SUD (2020)

Chronic Pain: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Resource Tapping (EMDR) in the Treatment of Chronic Pain (2016)

Clinical Skills: Schema Therapy: Beliefs Drive Behavior (2018)

Clinical Skills: Treating the Heart of Addiction (2021)

Clinical Skills: Trust in Your Gut – Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory in Therapy and Relapse Prevention (2021)

Clinical Skills: Shame: A Long Ignored Key in SUDs (2022)

Clinical Skills: Grounding Techniques for Dysregulated Clients (2022)

Clinical Skills: Do's, Don'ts, and How-To's: Best Practices in Group Facilitation (2022)

Clinical Skills: Using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to Engage the Most Challenging Clients (2022)

Clinical Skills: Trauma Informed Relapse Prevention © (2022)

Clinical Skills: From Virtual to Real Life: Effective Group Treatment (2022)

Clinical Skills: Effective and FUN Role-Plays (2022)

Clinical Skills: Integrated Dynamic Care Model for Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (2022)

Clinical Supervision: Increasing Effective Clinical Supervision for SUD Treatment Providers (2020)

Clinical Supervision: Successful Clinical Supervision with Therapists in Personal Recovery (2022)

Co-Dependency: Your Healthy Self: Skills for Working with Codependent Behaviors (2016)

Co-Dependency: Codependency Turns 40! I Celebrate? Adapt? or Reconsider? (2021)

Conflict Resolution: Rein in Your Brain: From Impulsivity to Thoughtful Living in Recovery (2014)

Couples: Trauma and Addiction Recovery: How to Work with Couples (2021)

Eating Disorders: Interventions with Eating Disorders (2016)

E-Cigarettes: E-Cigarettes: A Cessation Device or Alternative Vice? The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (2016)

Family: Including Family and Community in the Recovery Process (2014)

Family: Picking up the Pieces for Wholeness and Recovery (2018)

Family: Resilient Families: Communication Cultivates Adaptability Within Family Systems (2020)

Family: Fostering Couple Recovery: Tools for Counselors and Therapists (2020)

Family: Breaking the Silence: Mothering in Women Sexually Abused as Children (2021)

Family: Walking Alongside: Strategies to Support Parenting in Recovery (2021)

Gender: Perspectives: Navigating Gender Differences Between Counselor and Client (2022)

Grief and Loss: Journey Through Grief and Loss (2018)

Groups: Clinical Skills for Group Evidence-Based Practice (2015)

Groups: Do's, Don'ts, and How-To's: Best Practices in Group Facilitation (2022)

Habilitation: Developmental Recovery: A Habilitation Model of Care (2017)

Harm Reduction: Changing Minds: Implementing Harm Reduction (2019)

Harm Reduction: Harm Reduction: 1 May Be Enough, and 1,000 IS Too Many (2019)

Harm Reduction: Harm Reduction for the Clinical Setting (2020)

Harm Reduction: Harm Reduction for Skeptics: Practical Applications for Alcohol Use Disorders (2022)

Marijuana: What Addiction Professionals Should Know About Medical Marijuana (2019)

Marijuana: Unintended Consequences of the Cannabis Panacea: What Addiction Specialists Need to Know (2020)

Marijuana: The Addiction Professional’s Guide to Addressing Medical Marijuana Use - Part 1 (2020)

Marijuana: The Addiction Professional's Guide to Addressing Medical Marijuana Use - Part 2 (2020)

Methamphetamine: Successful Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction (2019)

Mindfulness: Mindfulness and Addiction Treatment (2015)

Mindfulness: Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practice as Recovery Maintenance (2016)

Mindfulness: Treating the Relapse Process Using Mindfulness (2018)

Mindfulness: Guidelines to Developing Competence with Mindfulness-Based Interventions (2019)

Motivation: The Dynamics of Motivation - There is No Place like Home (2017)

Motivational Interviewing: Motivational Interviewing with Criminal Justice Populations (2016)

Motivational Interviewing: Ensuring Fidelity to Motivational Interviewing Among Frontline Service Providers (2018)

Motivational Interviewing: Finding Ambivalence and 10 Other Things About Motivational Interviewing (2019)

Mutual Support Groups: Referring to Mutual Support Groups - Distinguishing between the Choices (2012)

NADA Ear Acupuncture: Using NADA Ear Acupuncture Protocol in Addiction Treatment (2018)

Nutrition: Early Recovery Nutrition Education (2018)

Overdose Prevention: Don’t Run – Call 9-1-1: Overdose Prevention (2018)

Opioids: Addressing the Opioid Crisis via Community-Based Technical Assistance (2019)

Opioids: The Intersection of DEA, Opioids, and MAT (2022)

Prevention: Connecting the Continuum: How Prevention Fits with Treatment (2015)

Prevention: Connecting the Continuum: How Prevention & Recovery Models Fit Together (2020) 

Prevention: Connecting the Continuum – How Prevention and Social Determinants of Health Connect (2021)

Relationships: Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery: 10 Tips (2018)

Relapse Prevention: Cultivating Greater Meaning and Purpose to Prevent Relapse (2020)

ROSC: Defining Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) (2014)

Self-Awareness: Guiding Clients in Self-Awareness for Authentic Identity Management (2019)

Self Care: Wounded Healer to Worthy Helper (2016)

Self-Care: The Wounded Healer: Helping the Helping Professional (2020)

Self-Care: Hey, What about Me? I Need to Grieve Too! (2022)

Self Compassion: Healing Addiction and Shame Through Self-Compassion (2019)

Self Harm: Understanding Clients Who Engage in Self-Injurious Behaviors (2015)

Sex: Cognitive Therapy and Compulsive Sexual Behavior (2018)

Skills: Using Recovery-Oriented Principles in Addiction Counseling Practice (2014)

Spirituality: The Spirituality of Addiction (2016)

Stimulants: Chasing Intensity: Stimulants, Sex, and the Search for Connection (2020)

Strength-Based: Strength-Based Mind-Body Practice: Building Internal Resources (2019)

Tobacco: Tobacco Use Disorder: The Neglected Addiction (2019)

Trauma: Integrated CBT for PTSD (2012)

Trauma: Schizophrenia vs PTSD? Why It Matters in Trauma-Informed Systems of Care (2015)

Trauma: Intergenerational Trauma and the Healing Forest Model (2018)

Trauma: Breath Awareness and Modulation: Healing Trauma and Addiction (2018)

Trauma: Gender Responsive Trauma Informed Care: The First 72 Hours (2019)

Trauma: Parents with PTSD: How Addiction Can Re-traumatize Families (2019)

Trauma: The Impact of Disaster on Recovery: The Perfect Storm (2020)

Trauma: Using RIM® for Organic Emotional Healing from Trauma (2021)


Adolescents: Access Granted - Building a Therapeutic Relationship with Adolescents (2012)

Adolescents: Counseling Adolescent and Minority Clients with Substance Use Disorders (2015)

Adolescents: Adolescent Development and Susceptibility of Teens Toward Addiction (2016)

Adolescents: Developmental Trauma Disorder (2017)

Adolescents/Tobacco: Living in a Cloud: Adolescent Nicotine Use (2019)

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision: Engaging Learners in Online Supervision (2020)

Assessment & Diagnosis

SBIRT: The Addiction Professional's Mini Guide to SBIRT (2013)

DSM vs ICD: Comparing Alcohol Use in the DSM-IV-TR, DSM-5, and ICD-10 (2015)

ASAM Criteria: Understanding the New ASAM Criteria (2015)

SBIRT: Brief Intervention: Process and Techniques (2018)

SBIRT: Implementing SBIRT in Rural Clinics: A How-to Guide (2019)

Process Addictions


HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens

NASAC Webinars