New Program: NMFP for Behavioral Health Professionals

NAADAC is excited to announce a new NAADAC Minority Fellowship Program specifically for behavioral health professionals for the 2017-2018 school year.  This new program will provide an up to $15,000 tuition stipend, training, and professional guidance to students who are enrolled in an accredited institution in a behavioral health Master's degree program (social work or marriage & family counseling/therapy) and who are committed to providing substance use disorders and addictions counseling services to underserved populations, including minority and LGBT populations and transition age youth (ages 16-25).  The Master's degree program must include an addictions concentration consisting of no fewer than 12 academic credits of addiction-specific content, and a supervised clinical internship.

Program Eligibility & Application Process

NMFP-BHP fellows will be selected through a rigorous rolling application and evaluation process, administered by the NMFP-BHP staff and NMFP Advisory Committee. After ensuring that you are eligible for the NMFP-BHP, please read the detailed application instructions below to start the application process.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident.
  2. Be a graduate student enrolled in a Master’s degree program at an accredited institution, and be entering the final year of that program during the Fall of 2017.
  3. Be enrolled in a behavioral health Master’s degree program (social work or marriage & family counseling/therapy) that includes an addiction concentration consisting of no less than 12 academic credits of addiction-specific content, and a supervised clinical internship.
  4. Commit to providing at least six months post-fellowship addiction counseling to underserved populations defined as minority populations, LGBT populations, and/or transition age youth (ages 16-25) populations.
  5. Attend a Fellowship orientation, complete six educational webinars, and work with an NMFP-BHP-provided mentor.
  6. Submit a complete application that includes all the required documentation.
  7. Not have been previously notified of ineligibility by NMFP-BHP.

Required Supporting Documentation

Instructions: All supporting documentation must be attached to the online application. Do not mail or e-mail any required documents to NAADAC separately. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed

  • Essay: Please upload a separate single-spaced 800-1500 word essay addressing the following: (1) Describe your long-term professional goals and objectives with respect to your interest in addiction/substance use disorder counseling; (2) Describe your experience and commitment working with minority population and transition age youth group; (3) Describe the type of agency/organization you plan to work for in your professional discipline (hospital, outpatient, private practice, public funded, religious institution), and in what location (city, state); and (4) Describe your plan/vision working with minority populations and/or transition age groups.
  • Resume: Please upload a current resume that includes: Education (degree, university, dates and anticipated date of completion), Internship/field placements (organization, location, job tittle, main duties, dates), Work History (company, location, dates), and Additional Experience (volunteering, certifications, awards, etc.).
  • Copy of Transcript: Please upload a transcript of courses and grades received that identifies the degree(s), dates and issuing institution.
  • Credentials : If applicable, upload any professional certification and/or license in addiction/substance use disorders counseling or other counseling profession.

If you have any questions, please contact Ace Crawford at or 703.741.7686 x107

Apply for NMFP for Behavioral Health Professionals