Program Benefits & Requirements

NMFP-AC and NMFP-BHP Fellows will be selected through a rigorous application and evaluation process, administered by the NMFP staff and NMFP Advisory Committee. Once selected, the NMFP will award tuition stipends up to $15,000 per Fellow to at least 30 Fellows for each year of the grant period. Fellows will be required to participate in orientation with their respective cohort to meet the program staff, establish relationships, and receive a detailed overview of program requirements and options, in addition to an introduction of all the resources that will be made available to Fellows through NAADAC and its partners. Fellows will also be supported to attend the NAADAC Annual Conference, a professional development activity and opportunity that will provide them with continuing education, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

During the fellowship term, fellows will be required to complete six webinar trainings; one on working with transition age youth, and five on cultural humility/competence (e.g. working with Asian American, African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender populations.). These webinar trainings have been developed by NAADAC, with expert partners, specifically for the NMFP-AC and NMFP-BHP, but will be made available to all addiction professionals on the NAADAC website. Fellows will be encouraged, but not required, to attend additional NAADAC webinars, especially the nine webinar series developed by NAADAC as part of SAMHSA’s Recovery to Practice Initiative. 

In addition to receiving support from the NMFP staff, each fellow will be matched with a mentor with experience and a demonstrated commitment to addiction/substance use disorders counseling service to underserved populations, minority populations, and/or transition age youth.