National Clinical Supervision Endorsement

The National Clinical Supervision Endorsement is intended to standardize competencies and to recognize nationally a high level of effective clinical supervision practice in supervising Substance Use Disorder/Addiction counselors. 

Examination Details

The National Clinical Supervision Endorsement written exam of consists of 125 questions, testing candidates’ knowledge in the following areas: pharmacology or psychoactive substances; theoretical base of counseling & counseling practice; professional issues of the law and regulation; integrated behavioral health; co-occurring disorders; types of supervision to include individual, group and peer; models of clinical supervision including performance evaluation; recognizing the difference between clinical supervision and administrative supervision, the exam will focus specifically on clinical supervision; and techniques of supervision include the use of one-way mirrors, recordings and videos, in-room, and interpersonal process recall.

Testing Schedule

All NCC AP examinations are now available throughout the month at a date and location convenient for you! You now have more flexibility and opportunity to get your national credential than ever before. Locate a Testing Center in Your Area

Suggested Test Preparation Materials