NAADAC at Solano Prison

On Friday, March 2, 2018, NAADAC's Executive Director, Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, traveled to the California State Prision in Solano, California to administer the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) National Certified Addiction Counselor, Level I (NCAC I) written examination.  Thirty-two incarcerated men took the examination with pen and paper in hope of passing and with the intent to be able to transfer into work situations in their communities at the end of their sentences.

These men completed the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilition, Division of Rehabilitative Programs, Addiction Studies Program, allowing them to be eligibe for the NCAC I credential.

"The California Department of Corrections (CDCR) program to train and support newly trained prison addiction counselors to serve their fellow inmates while in the prison is an amazing effort to build a supportive environment while in the prison, hone their skills, and transfer those skills and competencies to the larger world once released. It builds a safer prison system, develops employment skills for the participants, and prepares the participants for the workplace after their release," said Moreno Tuohy.

The CDCR Addictions-trained inmate walks out of the prison with credibility, skills, a test score that sets him or her up for certification in the State of California and later, once the eligibility requirements have been fulfilled, a national credential. NAADAC is proud to be part of the process of helping these individuals change their lives and build toward healthier individuals, families and communities.
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