NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, is governed by the NAADAC Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  

Executive Committee

The NAADAC Executive Committee is comprised of four officers, eight regional vice presidents, the Immediate Past-President, and NAADAC's Executive Director.  The Executive Committee meets every month by phone and once a year in person at the NAADAC Annual Conference. In addition, Executive Committee members are involved in a variety of committees and projects that have monthly, and sometimes weekly, calls.

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Regional Vice Presidents

The Executive Committee includes Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) from eight regions in the United States: Northwest, Southwest, North Central, Mid-South, Mid-Central, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. In addition to attending regular Executive Committee meetings, RVPs conduct monthly calls with state affiliate presidents. 

NAADAC Eight Regions

Board of Directors

The NAADAC Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of the Executive Committee and representatives from each of NAADAC's 47 State Affiliates. The BOD meets in person once a year at the NAADAC Annual Conference.

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