WebinarMotivating the Troops: Creating an Advocacy Mechanism (2017)
WebinarUnderstanding the Roles of Addiction Professionals in Behavioral Health Care (2017)
WebinarWhat’s Advocacy Got to Do With You and the Future of Addiction Services (2018)
WebinarMedicaid Innovation Accelerator Program: Reducing Substance Use Disorders (Advocacy Webinar) (2018)
Webinar42 CFR Part 2: Understanding the New Final Rules and Where We Go From Here (Advocacy Webinar) (2018)
WebinarAdvocating in your State: Where Most of the Rubber Hits the Road (2018)
WebinarAdvocacy Series, Session I: Shaping Policy and Practice Through Advocacy (2020)
WebinarAdvocacy Series, Session II: Updates on Federal SUD Funding (2020)
WebinarAdvocacy Series, Session III: Bolstering the Addiction Workforce (2020)
WebinarAdvocacy Series, Session IV: Confidentiality Rule Changes and 42 CFR (2020)
WebinarAdvocacy Series, Session V: Bringing it Home - Grassroots Advocacy (2020)
Webinar: 117th Congress: What You Need to Know (2021)

AA&R ArticleAdvocating for Our Profession: Transformations and Challenges Don't Stop the Association's Progress (Winter, 2013)
AA&R ArticleA Case Study: CAAP's 2013 Legislative Initiative: Success Restores and Enhances Licensure for Alcohol and Drug Counselors (Winter, 2013)
AA&R Article"We are the few, advocating for the many." A Q&A With NAADAC's President (Spring, 2013)
AA&R Article27th Annual Advocacy in Action Conference Recap: Putting Addiction and the Needs of Addiction-Focused Professionals on the Agenda (Spring, 2014)
AA&R Article25 Years of Reaching to the World of Treatment and Recovery (Summer, 2014)
AA&R ArticleA Week of Advocacy, Hope, and a Historic Event (Winter, 2015)
AA&R ArticlePresident Barack Obama Holds Public Forum in Charleston, WV (Winter, 2015)
AA&R ArticleThe Field That Was Ashamed (and Proud) of Itself (Winter, 2015)
AA&R Article4th ICCE Commission Meeting Report: New Line-Up of the ICCE Commission for 2015-2017 Term (Spring, 2015)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC: Advocating for You! (Summer, 2015)
AA&R ArticleConsider Being a Leader and Vote for One! (Spring, 2016)
AA&R ArticleField Advocacy Through Certification and Licensure (Spring, 2016)
AA&R ArticleIn 2017, Advocates Must Work to Build on Success of 114th Congress (Fall, 2016)
AA&R ArticleAdvocacy: The Voice for Recovery (Spring, 2018)
AA&R ArticleSharing Your Voice: A NAADAC Advocacy Update (Summer, 2018)
AA&R ArticlePresence, Progress, Momentum, Opportunity - NAADAC Looks to Build on Success in New Congress (Winter, 2019)
AA&R ArticleYour Advocacy - Your NAADAC (Spring, 2019)
AA&R ArticleNational Resolution for Addiction Counselors Introduced in Congress (Winter, 2020)
AA&R ArticleAdvocacy for Addiction Professionals & Their Clients: 2019 in Review (Winter, 2020)
AA&R ArticleHow the ADA Addresses Addiction and Recovery (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC's Advocacy Goes Virtual in 2020 (Fall, 2020)
AA&R ArticleAdvocating for the Addiction Profession (Winter, 2021)
AA&R ArticleWe Are Called to Be Advocates (Spring, 2021)
AA&R Article: Building a Collaborate Relationship with Your Single State Authority (Summer, 2021)
AA&R Article: NAADAC Continues Working to Address National Addiction Professional Credentials (Summer, 2021)
AA&R Article: NAADAC Publishes New Position Statement on Legalization and Criminalization of Cannabis (Fall, 2021)
AA&R Article: Parity and Addiction Equity Act Report to Congress Show Deficits in Benefits & Recommendations to Reverse the Deficits (Winter, 2022)


WebinarCurrent Status of Federal Funding Supporting Substance Use Disorder Services (2018)
WebinarCollision of SUD and COVID-19: A NIDA Update (2020)
Webinar117th Congress (2021)

AA&R ArticleStates, Insurance Companies Thwart Use of Medication to Reverse Opioid Epidemic (Winter, 2013)
AA&R ArticleParity Regulations Final Rule - What You Need to Know (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC Produces a Workforce Situational Analysis for Addiction - and Recovery (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleTransforming and Modernizing Our Nation's Addiction and Mental Health System: Comprehensive and Mental Health Reform (Winter, 2015)
AA&R ArticleWhat You - and Your Legislator - Need to Know About Marijuana Policy (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleTroubling New Direction in U.S. Drug Policy (Summer, 2017)
AA&R ArticleThe Future of Health Care Reform: Shaping and Reshaping Treatment (Fall, 2017)
AA&R ArticleProtect Patient Confidentiality and Access to Treatment: Maintain Newly Created Privacy Protections (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleOverview of Latest Federal Substance Use Disorder Investments (Spring, 2021)

Position StatementNAADAC Position Statement on the Legalization and Criminalization of Cannabis (2021)
Position Statement: NAADAC Position Statement on the Medical and Recreational Use of Cannabis (2019)
Position Statement: NAADAC Position Statement on the Protection of Client Confidentiality & Right to Privacy and 42 CFR Part 2 (2019)
Position Statement: NAADAC’s Position on Effectively Treating the Opioid Epidemic (2019)
Position Statement: Investing in the Addiction Workforce (2019)
Position Statement: Addiction Professional Credentialing: The Need for National Standards (2019)
Position Statement: Protect Patient Confidentiality and Access to Treatment: Maintain Newly Created Privacy Protections (2019)


History of the Field

Clinical Skills

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Advanced Clinical Skills

Counseling Theories and Practice Methods

WebinarHeroin is My Father, Booze is My Mother: Addiction as a Detachment Disorder (2016)
WebinarDiathesis Stress Model of Addiction: Etiology of Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders (2017)
WebinarThe Dynamics of Motivation - There is No Place like Home (2017)
WebinarApplying Emotional Intelligence to Recovery (2017)
WebinarDevelopmental Recovery – A Habilitation Model of Care (2017)
WebinarJourney Through Grief and Loss (2018)
WebinarSchema Therapy: Beliefs Drive Behavior (2018)
WebinarLess Is More: A Breakthrough Method for Lasting Change (2019)
WebinarGuiding Clients in Self-Awareness for Authentic Identity Management (2019)
WebinarChanging Minds: Implementing Harm Reduction (2019)
WebinarHealing Addiction and Shame Through Self-Compassion (2019)
Webinar: Harm Reduction: 1 May Be Enough, and 1,000 IS Too Many (2019)
WebinarThe Impact of Disaster on Recovery: The Perfect Storm (2020)
WebinarPsychological First Aid During COVID-19 (2020)
WebinarThe Unbearable Heaviness of Loneliness (2020)
WebinarFostering Couple Recovery: Tools for Counselors and Therapists (2020)
WebinarDying to Connect: Addiction as an Attachment Disorder (2020)
WebinarHarm Reduction for the Clinical Setting (2020)
WebinarCodependency Turns 40! I Celebrate? Adapt? or Reconsider? (2021)
WebinarBreaking the Silence: Mothering in Women Sexually Abused as Children (2021)
WebinarTreating the Heart of Addiction (2021)
WebinarGlass Ceilings in Recovery and Love (2021)
Webinar: Perspectives: Navigating Gender Differences Between Counselor and Client (2022)
Do's, Don'ts, and How-To's: Best Practices in Group Facilitation (2022)

AA&R ArticleOvercoming Resistance and Denial: Lessons Learned (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleUnderstanding Addiction: An Interview with Dr. Darryl S. Inaba, PharmD, CADC-V, CADC III (Spring, 2016)
AA&R ArticleSubstance Use Disorder Treatment: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Summer, 2016)
AA&R ArticleBreaking the Chain of Addiction's Intergenerational Legacy (Fall, 2016)
AA&R ArticleCounseling in the Time of COVID-19 (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleElevating the Addiction Profession in a COVID-19 Affected World (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleAddressing the Stigma Around Addiction (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleThe Importance of Belongingness (Summer, 2020)
AA&R Article: Switch Theory: How Counselors Can Help Parents of Children with SUDs (Summer, 2021)
AA&R Article: The Little Things: How to Improve Motivation and Engagement During the Stabilization Phase of Treatment (Winter, 2022)
AA&R Article: The Need for Expanded Access to Harm Reduction (Winter, 2022)

ProductThe Basics of Addiction Counseling, Module II: Addiction Counseling Theories, Practices, and Skills
ProductConflict Resolution for Recovery (CRR)

Evidence-Based Practices

WebinarIntegrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD (2012)
Mindfulness and Addiction Treatment (2015)
WebinarClinical Skills for Group Evidence-Based Practices (2015)
WebinarEvidence-Based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (2015)
WebinarMotivational Interviewing with Criminal Justice Populations (2016)
WebinarUsing Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) (2017)
WebinarBrief Intervention: Process and Techniques (2018)
WebinarCognitive Behavior Therapy for Substance Use Disorders (2018)
WebinarFinding Ambivalence and 10 Other Things About Motivational Interviewing (2019)
WebinarGuidelines to Developing Competence with Mindfulness-Based Interventions (2019)
WebinarMeasurement Based Care: An Essential Component of High-Quality Behavioral Healthcare (2020)
WebinarEnergy Psychology Techniques for Reducing Trauma & Addiction (2020)
WebinarTrust in Your Gut – Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory in Therapy and Relapse Prevention (2021)

Specialty Online TrainingPart Six: Using What Works: A Review of Evidence Based Treatments for Military Populations (2019)

AA&R ArticleA Person-Centered and Motivational Interviewing Approach to Discharge Planning (Summer, 2018)
AA&R ArticleReality Therapy for Persons with Substance Use Disorders (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleIntegrating Psychodynamic Principles in Addiction Counseling (Fall, 2020)
AA&R ArticleUsing the Social Determinants of Health to Examine and Address Substance Use Interventions for Older Adults (Fall, 2020)
AA&R Article: The Secret Ingredients in Evidence-Based Practices (Fall, 2021)

Level of Care/ASAM Criteria

Progress Notes

Relapse Prevention

Screening, Assessment, & Diagnosis

Substance Use Prevention

Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

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Anxiety Disorders & SUD

Eating Disorders & SUD

Integrated Treatment

Personality Disorders & SUD

Psychotic Disorders & SUD

Suicide, Self-Harm, and SUD

Trauma-Related Disorders & SUD

Cultural Humility & Demographic-Specific Treatment Issues

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Adolescent-Specific Issues

Criminal Justice/Corrections-Involved

Cultural Humility Practices

Emerging Adult-Specific Issues

Older Adult-Specific Issues

Social Responsibility

SUD-Specific Issues and Physical Ability

SUD-Specific Issues on Socioeconomic Status

SUD-Specific Issues of Gender

SUD-Specific Issues in LGBTQ+ Communities

SUD-Specific Issues for Racial/Ethnic Groups

WebinarCultural Humility and Counseling Hispanic and Latino Populations (2014)
WebinarCounseling African Americans With Substance Use Disorders (2015)
WebinarU.S. Latino Youth Street Gangs: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Service Providers (2016)
WebinarIntersection of Race, Culture, Chronic Disease and Chronic Pain (2019)
WebinarSubstance Use Disorder in the African American Community & Town Hall (2020)
WebinarCultural Humility Series, Part V: SUD Treatment for Latinx Communities (2020)
WebinarCultural Humility Series, Part VII: Four Directions of Diversity - Honoring Differences (2020)
WebinarOpioid Use Disorder in the Black Community: Expert Panel Discussion (2020)
WebinarRehabilitating Addiction Treatment: An Antiracist Recovery Approach (2021)
WebinarUntold Truths: Equity Solutions for the Black Community (2021)
WebinarAdvocacy and Policy Reform for the Black Community (2021)
WebinarA Rainbow Pipeline: The Earnest Impact of Addiction on Black LGBTQ+ Identifying Individuals (2021)
WebinarIntegrating Music into Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Resilience of the African American Client (2021)
WebinarCritical Issues in the Black Community (2021)
WebinarThe Journey of the Black Helping Professional (2021)
Webinar“Keys to the Kingdom”: Developing Culturally Relevant SUD Education for Black Addiction Professionals (2021)
WebinarA Gestalt View of the Latino Experience with Substance Use Disorders (2021)
WebinarAdvancing Awareness in LGBTQ Care, Part III: Working with LGBTQ2S+ Native American Clients (2021)
Webinar: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 1 (2021)
Webinar: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 2 (2021)
Webinar: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 3 (2021)
Webinar: La Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 4 (2021)
Intersection of Addictions, Race, and Criminal Justice (2022)
Webinar: Black Professionals in Excellence: Overcoming Barriers by Stepping into Our Professional Growth (2022)
Webinar: Deconstructing the Myths and Addressing the Realities of Suicidal Behavior in the African American Community (2022)
Webinar: Trauma Reformed Care: Addressing Trauma & Addiction in the Black Community (2022)
Webinar: Changing the Conversation on Criminal Justice Reforms Through Activism and Advocacy (2022)
Webinar: Using Cultural Intelligence to Advance Treatment in the African American Community (2022)

AA&R ArticleCulturally Appropriate Substance Use Disorder Treatment: CEPTA's Practical Applications for Hispanic Latino Populations (Summer, 2014)
AA&R ArticleCreating & Maintaining Safe Therapeutic Spaces for Black Clients (Winter, 2021)
AA&R Article: NAADAC Position Statement on Critical Issues in the Black Community: The Complexities of SUD Treatment (Winter, 2022)

SUD-Specific Issues for Veterans/Military

Licensure/Credentialing/Professional Development

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WebinarBuild Your Business with the DOT SAP Qualification (2016)
Webinar: Your Journey to Entering the Recovery Coach Workforce (2022)

AA&R ArticleNCC AP Moves to Monthly Testing - Exams Will Occur More Frequently in Response to Your Requests (Summer, 2013)
AA&R ArticleNCC AP Welcomes New National Professionals (Winter, 2014)
AA&R ArticleAnnouncement: One-Time Test Acceptance Offer for National Certification (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC Announces New Rovery to Practice Certificate Progam (Fall, 2014)
AA&R ArticleThe Pacific Behavioral Health Initiative: NAADAC Trains and Certifies Trainers for U.S. Affiliates Pacific Jurisdictions (Spring, 2015)
AA&R ArticleThe Role and Value of National Certification for Recovery Support Specialists (Summer, 2015)
AA&R ArticleMoving Forward as One - You Can Become Nationally Certified (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleThe High Cost of Varying Standards for Certification and Licensure of Addiction Couselors in the United States (Spring, 2016)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC and ATTUD Announce New National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP) (Fall, 2017)
AA&R ArticleNCC AP Update: Continued Development (Winter, 2020)
AA&R ArticleAnd the Psychologist said, "MAC Please!" (Winter, 2020)
AA&R ArticleNCC AP Update: Moving Forward to Support Our Field (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleAnnouncing a New Needed Step on the Career Ladder: The Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor - Associate Level (NCAC-A) (Summer, 2020)

ProductNCC AP Practice Exam
ProductDOT's Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Qualification & Requalification Independent Study Course
ProductDOT's Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Qualification & Requalification Manual



Professional Development

WebinarBeyond "Getting a Job": Understanding and Addressing Employment and Career Development Issues (2016)
Webinar: Your Journey to Entering the Recovery Coach Workforce (2022)

AA&R ArticleAre Addiction Knowledge, Competencies, Skills and Attitudes No Longer Necessary in the Behavioral Health Integration World? (Summer, 2014)
AA&R ArticleCounselors in Glass Houses (Summer, 2014)
AA&R ArticleAddressing the Future of Addiction Studies in Higher Education (Winter, 2015)
AA&R ArticleMy Big Concern for the Addiction Counseling Profession (Spring, 2015)
AA&R ArticleAnnouncing the NAADAC Minority Fellowship Program for Addiction Counselors (Spring, 2015)
AA&R ArticleMy Big Concern for the Addiction Counseling Profession (Part II) (Summer, 2015)
AA&R ArticleINCASE: The International Coalition of Addiction Educators, Past, Present and Future (Summer, 2015)
AA&R Article: Setting A New Standard for the Addiction Profession - Now is the Time (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleNMFP-AC: Years of Advocating for Higher Education Suppport for Addiction Counselors Pays Off for the Profession (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleDo Your Part in Building the Addiction Workforce (Summer, 2016)
AA&R ArticleCalling All Students! Join the Effort to Grow the Addiction Profession Workforce (Summer, 2016)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC Addiction Counselor Fellows Receive Stipends Up to $18,000 (Fall, 2016)
AA&R ArticleGetting HIP in Higher Education: Using High Impact Practices When Teaching (Fall, 2016)
AA&R ArticleCrisis in the Substance Use Disorder Workforce: Help Needed Now! (Summer, 2017)
AA&R ArticleCareer Interrupted (Summer, 2017)
AA&R ArticleIdentification as an Addiction Professional Matters (Spring, 2018)
AA&R ArticleCEHs vs. CEUs: What’s the Difference? (Spring, 2018)
AA&R ArticlePreparing Clinicians for the Future of Behavioral Healthcare (Spring, 2018)
AA&R ArticleNHSC Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan Repayment Program - Do You Qualify? (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleOur Vision for the Workforce: 2021 Update (Spring, 2021)
AA&R ArticleLeadership: Transformational at Our Core (Winter, 2022)



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National Affiliates

International Affiliates


NAADAC Leadership

AA&R ArticleMeet NAADAC's Regional Vice-President for the Southwest: Mita M. Johnson (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleMeet the 2014 Candidates for NAADAC Executive Leadership Positions (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleMeet Your 2015-2017 Regional Vice-President for the Southeast: Angela Maxwell (Winter, 2015)
AA&R ArticleMeet Your 2014-2016 Regional Vice-President for the Mid-Atlantic: Susan Coyer (Spring, 2015)
AA&R ArticleRegional Vice-President Elections for 2015-2017 Term (Spring, 2015)
AA&R ArticleExecutive Interview: Meet Your New President, Gerard J. Schmidt, MA, LPC, MAC (Winter, 2016)
AA&R ArticleMeet the 2016 Candidates for NAADAC Executive Leadership Positions (Spring, 2016)
AA&R ArticleFarewell and Thank You! (Fall, 2016)
AA&R ArticleThe Legacy of a President (Fall, 2016)
AA&R ArticleRegional Vice-President Elections for 2017-2019 (Spring, 2017)
AA&R ArticleMeet Your 2017-2019 Mid-Central Regional Vice-President (Spring, 2018)
AA&R ArticleMeet the 2018 Candidates for NAADAC Executive Leadership Positions (Spring, 2018)
AA&R ArticleA Conversation with Northeast Regional Vice-President (Summer, 2018)
AA&R ArticleExecutive Interview: Meet Your New President, Diane Sevening, EdD, LAC, MAC (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleThe Legacy of a NAADAC President (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleReflections on a NAADAC Presidency (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleSpring of Hope (Winter, 2019)
AA&R ArticleThe Governance of NAADAC (Spring, 2019)
AA&R ArticleMeet Your New 2019-2021 Regional Vice Presidents for the Mid-Central, North Central, Southeast, and Southwest Regions (Spring, 2019)
AA&R ArticleLead the Way (Spring, 2020)
AA&R Article: Meet the 2020 Candidates for NAADAC Executive Leadership Positions (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticlePresident's Farewell with Gratitude (Summer, 2020)
AA&R ArticleMeet Your New NAADAC 2020-2022 Executive Committee (Fall, 2020)
AA&R ArticleMeet the 2021 Candidates for NAADAC Executive Leadership Positions (Spring, 2021)
AA&R Article: Ronald Pritchard’s Legacy: One Man’s Leadership Wisdom (Winter, 2022)

NAADAC Award Winners

Membership/Member Recognition


Peer Recovery (Non-Clinical)

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Ethics and Peer Recovery Support

Mutual Support Groups

Relationship-Based Roles of Peers

Understanding the Role of Peer Recovery Support Specialists

Practice Management, Administration/Operation

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Clinical Supervision

WebinarEnsuring Fidelilty to Motivational Interviewing among Frontline Service Providers (2018)
WebinarIncreasing Effective Clinical Supervision for SUD Treatment Providers (2020)
WebinarEngaging Learners in Online Supervision (2020)
WebinarLa Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 1 (2021)
WebinarLa Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 2 (2021)
WebinarLa Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 3 (2021)
WebinarLa Práctica de la Supervisión Clínica en Español, Sesión 4 (2021)
WebinarAdvances in Tech, Part Eight: Leveraging Technology to Enable and Enhance Clinical Supervision (2021)

Specialty Online TrainingClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part One: The Supervisory Relationship (2019)
Specialty Online TrainingClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part Two: Using Technology for Clinical Supervision (2019)
Specialty Online TrainingClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part Three: Legal and Ethical Issues in Supervision (2019)
Specialty Online TrainingClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part Four: Stages of Clinical Supervision (2019)
Specialty Online TrainingClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part Five: How to Structure Clinical Supervision (2019)
Specialty Online TrainingClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part Six: Motivational Interviewing in Clinical Supervision: A Parallel Process (2019)

AA&R ArticleEffective Clinical Supervision in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: What is It and Who Benefits? (Fall, 2014)
AA&R ArticleClinical Supervisors: How Well Do You Know Your Ethical Obligations? (Spring, 2017)
AA&R Article: Clinical Supervision: Implementing and Maintaining Evidence-Based Practices (Winter, 2022)

ProductClinical Supervision: An Overview of Functions, Processes, and Methodology


WebinarClinical Supervision in the Addiction Profession Part Three: Legal and Ethical Issues in Supervision (2019)
WebinarThe Progress Note: Where Law & Ethics Meet Efficiency (2020)
WebinarSocial Media and Ethical Dilemmas for Behavioral Health Clinicians (2020)
WebinarFundamentals of Telemental Health and Ethics (2021)

Specialty Online TrainingEthics in Practice, Part 1: Principles I and VIII (2021)
Specialty Online Training
Ethics in Practice, Part 2: Principle II (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingEthics in Practice, Part 3: Principles III, IV, and IX (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingEthics in Practice, Part 4, Principle VII - Supervision and Consultation (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingEthics in Practice, Part 5: Principles V & VI (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingEthics in Practice, Part 6: Modern Ethics in Addiction Treatment and Panel Discussion (2021)

AA&R ArticleClinical Consulations - Addressing Dilemmas in Ethics, Supervision and Treatment (Summer, 2013)
AA&R ArticleContemplating Boundary Crossings: The Need for Ethical Maturity (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleYou Can Do What??? That's Not in Your Scope of Practice (Spring, 2016)
AA&R ArticleStandards of Practice (Summer, 2016)
AA&R ArticleEnforcing the NAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics (Spring, 2017)
AA&R ArticlePredatory Patient Recruitment: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse (Spring, 2017)
AA&R ArticleVirtue Ethics & Personal Relationships (Summer, 2017)
AA&R ArticleAddiction Professionals With and Without Lived Experience: Common Ethical Questions (Fall, 2017)
AA&R ArticleWhat Complaints are Outside of NAADAC's and NCC AP's Jurisidctions? (Summer, 2018)
AA&R ArticleSelf-Disclosure: To Do or Not To Do? (Fall, 2018)
AA&R ArticleWould the Accurate Representation of You Please Stand Up? (Winter, 2019)
AA&R ArticleProfessional Transgressions in the Workplace (Spring, 2019)
AA&R ArticleWalking the Tightrope: Maintaining our Ethical Responsibilities to Our Clients, Our Profession, and Ourselves (Winter, 2020)
AA&R ArticleService Opportunities and Challenges: The Convergence of Ethics and Telebehavioral Health (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleInspiring Transformation: Equity for All (Summer, 2020)
AA&R ArticleSocial Change: Language Matters (Fall, 2020)
AA&R ArticleNAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics: A Living Document (Winter, 2021)
AA&R ArticleIs Your Organization Ethically Oriented? (Spring, 2021)
AA&R Article: Role Confusion and Achieving Role Clarity (Summer, 2021)
AA&R Article: The Law v. the Code of Ethics (Fall, 2021)
AA&R Article: Finding Our Lane (Winter, 2022)

ProductThe Basics of Addiction Counseling, Module III: Ethical and Professional Issues in Addiction Counseling

Position StatementProtect Patient Confidentiality and Access to Treatment (2019)
Position StatementNAADAC Position Statement on the Protection of Client Confidentiality & Right to Privacy and 42 CFR (2019)

General Program Operations

Insurance/Medicaid Reimbursement

Patient Retention

Workforce Development and Retention

Process Addictions

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Professional Self-Care and Wellness

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Psychopharmacology, MAT, Neuroscience of Addiction, Co-Occurring Medical Issues, and Research Advances

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Neurobiology/Neuroscience of Addiction

WebinarRein in Your Brain - From Impulsivity to Thoughtful Living in Recovery (2014)
WebinarManaging the Medusa: The Neurobiology of Addiction, Intervention, & Recovery (2015)
WebinarThe Neurocognitive Effects of Maternal Prenatal Alcohol Consumption on the Fetus and Postnatal Developing Child (2016)
WebinarThe Science of Recovery: Introduction to Brain Development and Neuroplasticity (2016)
WebinarAddiction as a Relational Disorder: A Neuro-Informed Treatment Perspective (2017)
WebinarNeurocounseling: Bridging the Recovery Gap (2017)
WebinarNeuroscience of Addiction: A New Way to Think about Recovery (2018)
WebinarGenetics of Substance Use Disorder and Neurotransmitter Solutions (2019)
WebinarAddiction and Recovery in 2021: Latest Findings from Neuroscience Research (2021)
Webinar“Alco-Genes” in the Bottle: Genetically Based SUD Treatment (2021)
Webinar: The Intersection of DEA, Opioids, and MAT (2022)
Webinar: Incorporating Peer Recovery Support Services in Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (2022)
Integrated Dynamic Care Model for Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (2022)
Implicit Memory and Connection in Addiction Treatment (2022)

AA&R ArticleHealing the Addiction Brain (Part One) (Spring, 2013)
AA&R ArticleHealing the Addicted Brain: Addiction is a Chronic, Multifactorial - and Lifelong - Medical Disease of the Brain (Summer, 2013)
AA&R ArticleBeyond Opiates: Addiction: Conditioning the Brain for Reward (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleNeurobiology-Informed Responsive Addiction Treatment: One Therapist's Experience (Summer, 2014)
AA&R ArticleCan the Science of Addiction Help Reduce Stigma? (Fall, 2015)
AA&R ArticleSALIS: A Trusted Source of Information in Addiction Science (Spring, 2016)
AA&R Article: Neuroscience Informed Interventions (Fall, 2021)

Research Advances

Co-Occurring Medical Issues

HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens

Recovery Support (Clinical)

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Community Navigation

Family and Relationship Support

Individual & Community Capital

Integrating Wellness Practices into Treatment

WebinarSpirituality & Recovery: The Art and Science of Healing (2012)
WebinarThe Spirituality of Addiction (2016)
WebinarMindfulness in Recovery (2017)
WebinarPicking up the Pieces for Wholeness and Recovery (2018)
WebinarEarly Recovery Nutrition Education (2018)
WebinarUsing NADA Ear Acupuncture Protocol in Addiction Treatment (2018)
WebinarRise in Recovery: The Science of Addiction and Spirituality of Healing (2019)
WebinarStrength-Based Mind-Body Practice: Building Internal Resources (2019)
WebinarGuidelines to Developing Competence with Mindfulness-Based Interventions (2019)
Deconstructing Substance Use and Wellness from a Sociocultural Perspective (2022)
Music and the Brain in Recovery (2022)
Hey, What about Me? I Need to Grieve Too! (2022)

Specialty Online TrainingWellness & Recovery, Part 1: Integrating Wellness into Substance Use Prevention (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingWellness & Recovery, Part 2: Food as Medicine (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingWelllness & Recovery, Part 3: Substance Use to Exercise: Are We Moving from One Addiction to Another? (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingWellness & Recovery, Part 4: Ballroom Dance - Sustainable Client Wellness for Recovery Centers (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingWellness & Recovery, Part 5: Mindfulness with Clients - Sitting with Discomfort (2021)
Specialty Online TrainingWellness & Recovery, Part 6: Strategic Disengagement for You and Your Clients (2021)

AA&R ArticleSeeing Emotion as Information: How do we weather the storms of life in recovery? (Winter, 2013)
AA&R ArticleThe Mindful Practices of Alcoholic Anonymous: Mindfulness is Inseparable from Core Values of Surrender and Acceptance (Winter, 2013)
AA&R ArticleSpirituality and Addiction Recovery: An Interview with Ernie Kurtz, PhD (Winter, 2014)
AA&R ArticleThe Art and Science of Healing: Successfully Living With Any Chronic Illness Requires a Change of Worldview (Spring, 2014)
AA&R ArticleSupport Recovery Through Stress Management Around COVID-19 (Spring, 2020)
AA&R ArticleSpirituality as a Healing Approach for Substance Use Disorders (Summer, 2020)

Treatment Coordination

Defining Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Care


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Digital Literacy for the Addiction Professional

Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Technology

Technology Advances in Addiction and Recovery

Social Media and Social Media-Based Treatment Support

Teletherapy, Telehealth, and Tele-Supervision

Apps and Other Recovery Resources