In honor of John Avery, MPA, who served as NAADAC Director of Government Relations from 2001-2004, this award is given to the staff member who has consistently: excelled in his or her position, made outstanding contributions in the area of service and dedication to NAADAC, promoted teamwork and collaboration, and done so with a positive and forward-thinking attitude. Any NAADAC member in good standing may nominate an individual for this award, which is selected by the NAADAC Personnel Committee. 

  • Name added to John Avery Staff Award plaque
  • Recognition at Awards Luncheon at the Annual Conference in October each year
  • $500 cash reward courtesy of an anonymous donor
  • One compensation day
Nominating Information

To nominate a NAADAC staff member for this award, please submit a letter of recommendation documenting examples of exceptional performance from all five categories below. Feel free to incorporate any other positive factors that demonstrates why the nominee deserves the award.

  1. Attitude: The nominee consistently demonstrates patience, good humor and enthusiasm while on the job. The nominee also demonstrates excellence in resolving conflicts and/or facing challenges. 
  2. Values: The nominee develops and encourages cooperation and collaboration, while displaying outstanding group effort. The nominee also consistently offers support, assistance and encouragement to co-workers, often without being asked to do so.
  3. Ethics: The nominee consistently demonstrates good judgment, is committed to treating others fairly and represents the association positively.
  4. Reliability: The nominee provides prompt, efficient and reliable service. The nominee is both dependable and trustworthy, and instills in his or her co-workers a sense of responsibility and dedication.
  5. Dynamism: The nominee provides outstanding customer service and brings innovative thinking to the workplace.

Please send applications to the NAADAC Personnel Committee in care of the NAADAC Immediate Past President Mita M. Johnson, EdD, LPC, MAC, SAP, CTHP-II, at [email protected]. Only NAADAC staff members as of the September 1 cutoff are eligible for this award.

The nomination period is now closed.


For additional information, please contact Richard Goodman at [email protected] or 703.741.7686 x122.

Past Award Recipients

2022 Kyle Brewer (Peer Specialist Program Manager) 
2021 Richard Goodman (Operations Manager)
2020 Carol Logan (Member Services Coordinator)
2019 Caitlin Corbett (Communications Specialist)
2018 Diana Kamp (Sr. Membership Manager)
2017 Greg Potestio (Program Manager)
2016 HeidiAnne Werner (Director of Operations & Finance) & Donna Croy (Certification Manager)
2015 Jessica Gleason, JD (Director of Communications)
2014 Mary Keaty (Lead Administrative Coordinator)
2010 Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, BSW, NCAC II, CDC II, SAP (Executive Director)