NAADAC is always looking for qualified and enthusiastic people to join our team!

Director of Membership & Affiliates

The Director of Membership & Affiliates provides primary leadership and management for all aspects of membership and affiliate growth and engagement. Success relies on the ability to view members and potential members from different perspectives, identify and anticipate member needs and how this drive perceived value of membership, and determine the most effective ways to involve members in way that respects their personal and professional commitment. In addition, this role will be the liaison between NAADAC and its state and international affiliates, coordinate regional and state calls and events, and collaborate with other departments to promote and grow NAADAC events, programs, and services.

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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager assists the Deputy Director in managing the main office operations, association-wide information technology, event, vendor, and travel coordination for NAADAC’s national, regional, and state events and trainings and exhibiting opportunities, and higher-level administrative tasks as needed.

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Training & Professional Development Content Manager

The Training & Professional Development Content Manager, as a remote team member of NAADAC Training & Professional Development, is responsible for managing past, present, and future content accessible to NAADAC Members and the mass public. Success relies on building a content review system for all NAADAC’s existing portfolio of trainings, a rating system to identify those trainings in need of further marketing efforts, a proposal or recommendation based on that rating, and a plan to generate new content. In addition, this role will ensure NAADAC’s portfolio of trainings contains accurate and up-to-date clinical information that accurately represents NAADAC’s philosophy, addiction treatment trends and needs, and updated ethical guidelines/policy updates.

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NCC AP Testing/Certification Coordinator

The NCC AP Testing/Certification Coordinator will provide day-to-day support to NCC AP’s Testing Program Manager and Certification Senior Manager. This includes answering phone calls and emails about NCC AP testing and Credentialing processes and NAADAC programs/services; coordinating the scheduling and rescheduling for NCC AP Testing; reviewing and processing applications for the NCTTP; scanning and filing all NCTTP applications and paperwork; and providing support for the NCC AP Commission. He/She will also be expected to gain basic knowledge on the various programs and services NAADAC provides.

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Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator will help NAADAC communicate its mission by working directly with NAADAC’s website, email marketing, and other communication/ marketing vehicles. The ideal candidate has excellent organizational, logistical, and project management skills and strong communication and writing skills for a variety of projects and diverse audiences. In addition, the ideal candidate has marketing experiences and/or training.

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