NAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics Complaint Form

To file an ethics complaint with NAADAC or NCC AP, please download and fill out a Code of Ethics complaint form.  Detailed instructions for filling out the form are included with the form.

If you would like to inquire after a filed or in-process ethics complaint, please email [email protected] to ensure confidentiality. 

Download Code of Ethics Complaint Form & Instructions Learn About the Ethics Complaint Filing Process
Expectations and Scope of Members and Credential Holders
  1. Anyone who is a member of NAADAC and/or is credentialed by NCC AP (i.e., NCAC I, NCAC II, MAC, etc.): (a) operates from a unique position of trust and responsibility; (b) provides the highest quality of care; (c) acts in the best interest of those individuals who seek the credential holder's (hereinafter referred to as credentialee) services; and (d) assists clients with helping themselves.
  2. NAADAC and NCC AP use the NAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics to guide the member and/or credentialee in maintaining a high level of ethical conduct. The member and/or credentialeer is expected to perform competently and consistently within the framework of the NAADAC/NCC AP Code of Ethics.
  3. The Ethics Committees’ procedures provide for the protection of the public interest and the rights of the member and/or credentialee. All NAADAC members and/or NCC AP credentialees are required to read and promise to adhere to the Code of Ethics as a part of a NAADAC membership application and application for NCC AP certifications. NAADAC members/NCC AP credentialees who fail to meet these ethical standards are subject to disciplinary action and may have their membership or credential revoked.
  4. The Code of Ethics is applicable to the conduct of all NAADAC members and NCC AP credentialees.