John Cates, MA, LCDC

Mid-South Regional Vice President

Represents: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas

Location: Houston, Texas

John Cates, MA, LCDC, has worked with substance use disorder treatment for 42 years. Appearing in print and via broadcast, he is known world-wide as a therapist, author, speaker, and designer of education and treatment programs. Cates is the recipient of multiple awards, including NAADAC’s Counselor of the Year in 2001. Cates is the co-author of “Recovering Our Children,” and founded Lifeway International, an (APG) Alternative Peer Group program serving families across the nation for over 32 years. He started the first free standing recovery school in 1976 and specializes in designing sober schools that give students a safe place to heal. The most recent Three Oaks Academy is seen in Generation Found. Cates is a recovering heroin addict and knows what it takes to live a successful drug-free life.


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