The third annual Engagement in the Black Community: A Virtual NAADAC Summit took place on Thursday, February 9 - Friday, February 10, 2023. Recorded sessions from the event are available as part of the NAADAC Free Webinar Series.

Open to all professionals, this summit seeks to foster diversity, openness, and inclusion within the recovery community, and highlight some of the unique needs and traits of this identified group.

2023 Engagement in the Black Community Series

Physical Health and Wellness in the Black Community

This session was sponsored by Fairfax Falls Church CSB.

Public Policy and Advocacy for the Black Community: Decriminalizing Cannabis is a Racial Justice Issue

This session was sponsored by Renew Counseling, Consulting, & Wellness Services.

Black and LGBTQ+: Understanding Intersectional Treatment Conversations

This session was sponsored by NAATP.

Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking: The Harm to Black Women

This session was sponsored by African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.

Fostering Alignment Within the Black Religious Community

This session is sponsored by Oaklawn Psychiatric Center.

Supporting Black Folx in Treatment Through Integrating Music and Drama Therapy Through a Black Aesthetic Lens

2022 Engagement in the Black Community Series
Using Cultural Intelligence to Advance Treatment in the African American Community

This session was sponsored by Cumberland Heights.

Changing the Conversation on Criminal Justice Reforms Through Activism and Advocacy

This session is sponsored by UDO Mental Health & School Consultants LLC.

Trauma Reformed Care: Addressing Trauma & Addiction in the Black Community
Deconstructing the Myths and Addressing the Realities of Suicidal Behavior in the African American Community

This session is sponsored by ICANotes.

Black Professionals in Excellence: Overcoming Barriers by Stepping into Our Professional Growth

2021 Engagement in the Black Community Sessions
Untold Truths: Equity Solutions for the Black Community
Advocacy and Policy Reform for the Black Community
A Rainbow Pipeline: The Earnest Impact of Addiction on Black LGBTQ+ Identifying Individuals
Integrating Music into Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Resilience of the African American Client
Critical Issues in the Black Community
The Journey of the Black Helping Professional