Outbursts, Oppositional Defiance and Frustration in the Classroom: Self-Regulation Techniques to Reduce the Frequency, Severity and Duration of Problematic Behavior

This seminar will help you to better intervene with the challenging student—the one who won’t sit
still; doesn’t follow directions; often throws tantrums; or has difficulty waiting for their turn. They may
“hit first and ask questions later”. They react impulsively and have difficulty expressing what they need
or what is frustrating them. This child is intelligent, caring and kind, but their challenging behavior is
overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. They struggle to meet basic expectations and are unable to
succeed in school, with peers and at home.
Join Anissa N. Moore, M.ED, BCBA, and learn to effectively intervene with the emotional and behavioral
dysregulation of children with High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and sensory
processing disorders. Through hands-on activities, exercises and techniques, you will learn classroom
interventions to:
• Address the sensory, language and executive functioning processing deficits that trigger
• Improve problem-solving skills and self-regulation skills
• Increase their self-control, social success, emotional control and task completion
• Teach flexibility, tolerance, thinking it through and decision-making
• Reduce the frequency and duration of their tantrums and emotional outbursts
Walk away with proven emotional, behavioral and processing strategies that lead to social and
academic success!

Date & Time

Apr 15, 2020


200 E Amite St, Jackson, MS 39201