2020 Psychopharmacology 2-Day Conference

Spend two action-packed days learning about the newest advances
in psychopharmacology and contemporary trends in medication
management. From his unique perspective, Dr. Perry Buffington
teaches psychopharmacology thoughtfully, with an emphasis on
the experience of the client. Dr. Buffington’s years of experience in
mental health and passion for clients, shines through in the detail and
thoroughness of his presentation.
Clients often only have a few minutes with their prescriber and require
additional support. It’s vital that you are able to answer their questions,
help manage side effects and understand reactions. Designed for
counselors, nurses, psychotherapists, psychologists, and other mental
health professionals, Dr. Buffington provides the information you need
in order to best help your clients.
This conference allows time for exploration of underrepresented areas,
including ADHD, substance use disorders and psychopharmacological
ethics. Take home specialized guidelines for geriatrics and clients with
chronic pain. Discuss how the DSM-5® and the Affordable Healthcare
Law have impacted prescribing patterns and the use of psychotropics
in newly defined diagnoses. In addition to a general ‘nuts and bolts’
review of medications, you will examine case examples, discuss
medication controversies and how to effectively collaborate with
prescribing practitioners. You will find this conference to have the most
up- to-date medication information and how to use it most effectively
with your client.

Date & Time

Jan 23, 2020 08:00 AM - Jan 24, 2020 04:00 PM


3838 East Van Buren Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Contact Information

Name: Customer Service