Neuroscience for Clinicians

Neuroscience has given us incredible insights into the workings of the brain and its connection to our mental health. Recent research reveals that neuroplasticity takes place all through life, so you can offer hope for real change no matter how long your client has suffered. This seminar will connect complicated science with your clinical practice, and transform how you view and work with traumatized, stressed, addicted, anxious and depressed clients! Discover how and where neuroplasticity occurs, and ways to use it therapeutically. Participate in enjoyable learning experiences that provide you with the clear principles and background you need for utilizing neuroscience in your work. Draw on multiple modalities to overcome resistance, activate creative responses, and turn problems into potentials. Add new dimensions to each therapy session and initiate change using top-down, bottom-up, and horizontal methods that can be creatively individualized. Leave this seminar feeling confident in bringing the latest findings from neuroscience into your treatments!

Date & Time

Nov 14, 2019 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM


1199 South Mammoth Road, Manchester, NH 03109

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