Ethical Principles in the Practice of Delaware Mental Health Professionals

Many continuing education ethics programs are generic in nature. Many continuing education ethics programs stress risk management strategies to the detriment of the attendees, especially if an attorney presenter is involved.

This program is different. Rather than avoiding clinical issues, this program explores the manner by which clinical and ethical issues affect the everyday practice of the mental health professional in Delaware. This unique blend of clinical and ethical concerns allows for a more meaningful understanding and interpretation of the rules that govern mental health practice.

These goals are reached through the experience and the interactive style of the presenter, Allan M. Tepper, J.D., Psy.D. Different from other individuals who possess joint degrees in psychology and law, Dr. Tepper actually maintains an active psychology practice and an active law practice. He functions as a clinician, and he represents mental health professionals who experience legal difficulties. In this regard, Dr. Tepper brings an extremely unique perspective in the practical understanding of ethics.

These goals also are reached through the manual utilized in the seminar. The manual materials are not generic in nature. All of the written materials are state specific to Delaware.

When interacting with an attorney, it sometimes is difficult to hear the words, “Trust me.” For this seminar, however, we do say “Trust us!” We guarantee you won’t walk away disappointed.



  1. Specify state and administrative laws that impact clinical practice.
  2. Determine the ethical and legal principle of informed consent.
  3. Determine the notes, documents, reports, forms, and clinical data that constitute the record.
  4. Evaluate record-keeping practices.
  5. Analyze how to comply with third-party requests for records.
  6. Establish the consent necessary to treat minors and release records of minors.

Date & Time

Jan 14, 2020 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM



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