Suicidal Clients and Self-Harm Behaviors: Clinical Strategies to Confidently Address Two of the Most Daunting (and Potentially Lethal) Scenarios You'll Work With

Suicidality is one of the scariest scenarios we work with. Your job literally becomes a life-ordeath situation…one in which you hold a great deal of responsibility. Suicidal clients under extreme distress can leave you feeling overwhelmed and questioning your next move, and revelations of self-harm have you searching for answers they didn’t teach you in school. 

  • How do I differentiate self-injurious behavior from suicidal behavior?
  • Can self-harming lead to suicidal behavior?
  • How do I protect my license and livelihood when working with suicidal clients?
  • What do I do when crises situations arise?
  • When, and how, do I hospitalize clients?

Given the high probability of encountering a client considering suicide or engaging in self-harming behavior at some point in your career, the preparation of graduate programs is not enough. With so much at stake you need to be ready to skillfully assess and manage suicide risks and self-harming behavior! 

Attend this candid one-day seminar and leave feeling fully equipped to address the intricacies that affect your clients’ choices to live or die. Beneficial to both seasoned and fledgling mental health practitioners, our experienced instructor will provide you with comprehensive approaches to effectively work with clients who present with suicidal and self-destructive behaviors. Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Risk assessment strategies that protect not only clients, but you as the clinician.
  • Front line strategies derived from the evidence-based efficacy of CBT and DBT.
  • Answers to difficult questions on suicide and self-harm that clinicians often struggle with.
  • Effective treatment techniques, applicable across various populations and therapeutic settings.
  • Tips on decision making that provide you with guideposts for determining when crisis intervention is needed in contrast to long-term treatment.

Go beyond grad school curriculum and get the practical real-world strategies and advice you need to confidently and capably treat suicidal and self-harming clients!

Date & Time

Jan 18, 2020 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


1199 South Mammoth Road, Manchester, NH 03109

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