Anxiety, Worry & Panic: Effective Strategies to Calm the Anxious Mind

Do you want to gain powerful techniques for your clients who struggle with treatment resistant anxiety, worry and panic? Learn how to assess anxious habits, symptoms and behaviors using effective cutting-edge, evidence-based strategies…even with your
toughest clients! 

Dr. Jennifer Abel will teach you how to stop the anxiety spiral early to significantly reduce the habit of worry and panic using self-controlled desensitization. Experience how evidence-based treatments can help your clients problem solve, reduce tension,
and increase energy. Learn unique, effective approaches to mindfulness, cognitive therapy, and exposure, including thought-labeling,
interoceptive exposure, and better-butbelievable thoughts. 

Case studies, role plays, demonstrations and interactive discussions will be utilized in this cutting-edge seminar.

Date & Time

Jan 22, 2020 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM


123 West Louisiana, Indianapolis, IN 46225

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Name: Customer Service

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