Ethics: Necessary and Essential Information for Mental Health and Related Healthcare Professionals

Ethical issues pose some of the most challenging questions mental health professionals face every day; and the questions change with each advancement in technology and each new piece of legislation — bringing a constant barrage of vexing ethical dilemmas.

This seminar will help you sort out facts from fiction, ethical issues from legal issues, and their application in your practice. You will gain an understanding and an appreciation for the purpose and practice of ethical standards, and learn how to decrease your risk of being drawn into an ethical or legal issue. 

The core realities of value-based and value-laden approaches to mental health care pivot on ethics. The personal values, principles, and standards of clinicians define their practices. The approaches, clinician orientations, and  philosophies of clinicians must remain within ethical boundaries.

Date & Time

Jan 29, 2020 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM


7290 Commerce Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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