Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS): A Revolutionary & Transformative Treatment for Healing PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and More

We all know what it is to feel conflicting emotions, “a part of me wants to...and a part of me does not”. For our clients, this kind of inner emotional conflict can become intense, even debilitating. Why, they wonder, are their relationships unstable? Why are they sometimes enraged and other times too passive? Why do symptoms persist? Can they ever really ‘get over’ traumatic childhood experiences?


They may notice a part of them wants to deal with it and another part is hopeless. Internal Family Systems offers unique, clarifying, and empowering methods for addressing  these common clinical concerns. Some models of psychotherapy regard having multiple internal  “parts” as pathological. NOT in IFS. IFS views the multiplicity of the mind as normal. Every part has a positive intention and every part has value. All clients can heal. IFS aligns the therapist with the innate wisdom of the client. IFS cultivates compassion.


IFS is a powerful treatment modality. Once you experience it you will want to incorporate it into your practice.

In developing IFS 30 years ago, creator Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., realized that clients were describing experiences with various conflicting roles and extreme behaviors within themselves. He noticed that when parts felt heard and safe and had their concerns addressed, clients became calm and less reactive. They could begin to make different and better decisions. IFS therapy helps clients to find safe ways to connect to early childhood emotions, to transform negative beliefs, to feel grounded in their true self, and to achieve lasting change in their lives.


IFS has established a legacy of effectiveness in successfully treating many mental health issues and is being heralded as the treatment that all clinicians should know in order to treat clients more effectively (van der Kolk 2015).


Join Jory Agate, LMHC, MDiv, MA, Certified IFS trainer, for this transformational training day. Learn all that IFS therapy can do for you and your clients. This training is rich with teachings, videos, experiential exercises, and mini-demos. It will offer you proven techniques to immediately apply in your clinical practice!

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Oct 16, 2019


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