The Missing Stage of Grief: Clinical Strategies to Overcome Anxiety in the Wake of Loss

Anxiety is common, but the fear and anxiety brought on by grief is its own breed and needs to be treated as such.


Yet in the famous five stages of grief, anxiety has never been part of the equation. And traditional grief

therapy has often failed to take the uniqueness of anxieties caused by loss into account. You’re left feeling out of your depth, unsure of the best way to move anxious and grieving clients forward.


Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC is an acclaimed bestselling author and expert grief therapist whose memoir The Rules of Inheritance has been published in 18 countries and is being adapted for film. Her latest pioneering book Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief combines experiences from her therapy practice, research, and personal life to give concrete strategies to help people heal the anxiety caused by loss.


Join her at this groundbreaking seminar as she shares the practical techniques, skills and tools you need to take your practice beyond Kübler-Ross’ five stages and help your clients process their grief on a deeper level, manage their anxiety, find relief, and reclaim their lives. Step-by-step guidance will have you fully prepared to employ a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, deep grief processing, and meditation techniques so you can help your clients unpack their fears about mortality, better bare vulnerability, and get their anxiety under control so they can come to terms with their losses.


Sign up today and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’ll be prepared to treat anxiety following loss, and bring greater healing to clients facing one of the most difficult things they’ll experience in their lifetime.

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Oct 16, 2019 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


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