Emotional Manipulation: Effective Strategies to Manage the Manipulator & Empower Their Victims

Hidden beneath masks of love, concern, dedication, and friendship, emotional manipulators use gas lighting, guilt, button-pushing, anger, and covert ploys to exploit their victim’s weaknesses and keep them doing whatever they want.


In therapy, manipulative clients leave you feeling ineffective and helpless as they suck you into the ups and downs of the dramas they’ve created. And you may already be working with clients suffering the devastating fallout of having an emotional manipulator in their lives. Their feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, self-blame, and inadequacy may stem from emotional manipulation that’s difficult to detect.


Without proper training, you’ll fail to successfully work with emotionally manipulative clients or help clients facing emotional manipulation so they can effectively counter it and form healthy boundaries.


Join Dr. Alan Godwin as he shares key insights to understand the motives behind manipulation commonly associated with disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as well as manipulation by those who either do not have a personality disorder or have not yet been diagnosed as such. Effective strategies will empower you and your clients to recognize and counter manipulation in any setting. Dr. Godwin’s expert guidance will leave you better able to work with emotional manipulators, those affected by manipulation in your practice, and allow you to establish healthy relational boundaries.


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