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Arkansas Peer Recovery Code of Ethics

Personal Recovery
  • I will keep my personal recovery first.
Recovery Story
  • I share my lived experiences to help others.
Respectful Services
  • I will provide services in a respectful way.
  • I affirm the right and dignity of each person I work with.
  • I empower others to identify and achieve their needs and goals.
  • I advocate for individuals with mental health and/or substance use disorders.
  • I will not stop services without telling the person I am working with and will make a referral for continued services when appropriate.
  • I will only provide services inside my area of lived experience, training, competence, or scope of practice.
  • I provide recovery support services regardless of someone’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, political belief, language, criminal history, socioeconomic status or mental or physical condition.
  • I respect the privacy of those I serve, and I will follow confidentiality guidelines as required by law.
  • I will tell my supervisor and the local child/adult protective agency if I suspect or have reason to believe that a child, individual over the age of 62, or individuals with a developmental disability has been abused or neglected or if I have knowledge of, observe a child being subjected to, conditions that would reasonably result in harm to the child.
  • I will inform my supervisor immediately if an individual I am working with has a risk of physically harming themselves or someone else.
  • I act in accordance with the law.
  • I do not use physical force, verbal/emotional abuse, or make promises of benefits.
  • I represent myself and my capabilities accurately.
  • I do not provide or accept gifts from people that I serve.
  • I will not engage in sexual/intimate relations with individuals that I serve/have served or their families.
  • I do not provide services to individuals with whom I have had a prior sexual relationship.
  • I will not promote any service which would result in my personal gain.
Professional Development
  • I will improve my recovery service knowledge/skills through ongoing education and training.

The Arkansas Peer Recovery Code of Ethics is based on the Ohio Certified Peer Recovery Code of Ethics.