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The Association for Addiction Professionals


Alabama Association of Addiction Counselors (AAAC)

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Sam J. Long, IV, NCAC I

Regional Vice President

Angela Maxwell, MS,CSAPC


We pledge to actively engage in activities which promote integrity and professionalism of addiction counselors. We will provide continuing educational opportunities for addiction counselors, counselors in training and other counseling disciplines. We pledge to pursue and explore ideas that will advance the addiction counseling profession.

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Contact AAAC to get involved or contact members of the Alabama Association of Addiction Counselors Board & the Alabama Alcoholism and Drug Counselor Certification Board.

Principles of Certification

  1. Certification is based on competence and knowledge about alcohol and drug problems rather than academic achievement alone.
  2. The basic requirement for certification is the demonstration of competence in alcohol and drug counseling skills.
  3. Our Certification Board is a member of NAADAC and we adhere to  set standards.


Join with addiction-focused professionals throughout the nation in the largest organization dedicated to your needs.

The Goals of the Alabama Association of Addiction Counselors Board & the Alabama Alcoholism and Drug Counselor Certification Board

  1. To establish credibility, confidence and trust.
  2. To clarify and define Counselor duties and responsibilities
  3. To develop professional identify
  4. To enhance incentive for Counselor professional growth
  5. To reduce alcohol and drug stigma
  6. To provide professional assistance to clients and fellow Counselors
  7. To increase potential of Certification reciprocity
  8. To increase reimbursement potential

Alabama Application Booklet and Instructions for Addiction Counselor Certification

Work experience in combination with qualifying points is used in determine eligibility for certification. Please review the certification guidelines carefully to ensure your eligibility for certification. Download the booklet.

NAADAC Approved Education Providers

Education Programs

The Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) maintains the Directory of Addiction Study Programs (DASP), a comprehensive list of institutions offering certificate, associate, bachelor, master and/or doctoral programs in substance use disorders. More Information

U.S. Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professionals

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