Thank you for your dedication to support those in need of addiction and mental health prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery support! 

Take action now on behalf of the addiction profession and those it serves!

Contact Your Members of Congress This August

In August, Members of Congress travel home for a period of time to connect with their constituents about issues impacting them. This is an opportunity for addiction professionals to make connections, develop relationships, and highlight personal stories about how there are countless Americans with addiction across the country!

How can you make an impact?

You can interact with your legislators and share your personal stories by email, social media, or phone. Members are also holding virtual town halls, mobile office hours and traveling around the state. Now is the perfect time to invite your legislators to visit your facility (in person or virtually) to discuss issues impacting your clients and their treatment. Many legislators have never seen a treatment center up front and this gives you an opportunity to impact their concepts of addiction treatment.

Contact information and details about upcoming events can be found on your legislator’s website. Click here to find your U.S. Representative and click here to find your U.S. Senators.