NAADAC is committed to advocating for the best interests of its members, clients, communities and the profession overall. Without the dedicated advocates who stand up for the profession, our members will not have a voice.

Take Action Now: Learn what you can do today to support the addiction profession and those it serves. Learn More: Read NAADAC's Position Papers and Issue Briefs to learn more about the issues affecting addiction professionals and those we serve. 
Understand the Issues
Learn more about current public policy issues like parity, health care reform and workforce development.
Become an Advocate
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Advocacy Conference
The NAADAC Advocacy in Action Conference is designed to educate addiction professionals about current public policy issues and to bring their day-today experiences and stories to decision-makers at all levels of government. More information.
Find your Senators and Representatives
The combination of your active grassroots advocacy and NAADAC efforts in Washington can create a powerful and influential voice in the legislative process. Use these links to contact your Senators and Congressman or Congresswoman.
Public Policy Committee
The Public Policy Committee, made up of NAADAC members from around the nation, provides guidance on public policy issues. Read More.
NAADAC offers trainings, strategic planning guidance and other resources for individuals and affiliates. More information.
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