Exhibit, Sponsor, or Advertise at the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, invites you to join the family of sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers at its 2022 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration taking place at the JW Marriott Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN, from October 7 - 12, 2022. Exhibit dates are October 7 - 9.

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Over 1,200 attendees, eager to learn about the latest advancements in addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery, attended the virtual 2021 Annual Conference. By focusing exclusively on what best serves our association, its constituents, members, and the addiction profession, we will attract the largest number of attendees we have ever had in Indianapolis, IN.

The upcoming Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration offers a robust sponsorship and exhibit experience that will extend beyond the conference! Deliver both traditional and innovative promotions of your products and services through custom sponsorship opportunities, an exhibit hall booth, and/or an advertisement in our conference program.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities include conference tote bags, the conference app, wifi for attendees, conference lanyards, conference program ads, banners ads, conference tote bag inserts, sponsored conference sessions, and much more! Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level Sponsors can access even more engagement opportunities!

Becoming an Annual Conference sponsor will give you access not only NAADAC’s conference attendees, but also our prestigious membership of over 12,000, mailing list of over 80,000, and website with over 220,000 monthly visits. Don't miss the chance to showcase your institution, product, or organization at this important virtual event!

For more information, contact NAADAC Marketing Manager Irina Vayner, MS, at [email protected].

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More Information:

Please contact Irina Vayner, MS, NAADAC Marketing Manager, at [email protected] or 703.741.7686 x140 to learn more.

Exhibitor Information

The 2022 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration Exhibit Hall at the JW Marriott Indianapolis will be open on October 7-9. 
Exhibit booth sizes and costs:

  • In-line booth (8’ x 10’): $1,650
  • Corner booth (8’ x 10’): $2,000
  • In-line booth (8’ x 20’): $3,300

Special requests for other sizes will be accommodated if possible. Contact Irina Vayner, MS, at [email protected] if you need a different size space.

Exhibitor Maximum Exposure Package Opportunity: $3,015

Exhibitors, maximize your exposure to conference par­tic­ipants by investing in the Exhibitor Maximum Ex­po­sure Package. This package includes one inline booth ($1,650), one interior half-page black & white ad in the onsite program ($700), and one Attendee Folder insert ($1,000)! Save over $300 by taking advantage of this incredible sponsorship package!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

NAADAC offers sponsors a unique opportunity for visibility and contact with attendees at the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Being a sponsor earns valueadded benefits for your company. Rise above your competitors and enhance your reputation in this loyal marketplace. Multiple levels of sponsorship are available that bundle promotions to maximize your message delivery and minimize your total cost.

All sponsorships and exhibits are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis as determined by receipt of payment with a completed application and authorizing signature.

Sponsorship Descriptions

Platinum ($10,000)

  • Mobile Conference Event App: Exclusive – $10,000  – SOLD!
    Attendees will have access to the conference app, which contains all the conference proceedings. Attendees will have the ability to access session content, a schedule of events, exhibitor listings, all general event information, and a map of the exhibit hall floor plan using their mobile devices. Your company will provide a digital ad to be prominently displayed on the app’s landing page. 
  • 50th Anniversary Celebratory Awards Luncheon: Non-exclusive – 4 3 available – $10,000 
    Raise your visibility by sponsoring or co-sponsoring the NAADAC 50th Anniversary Celebratory Awards Luncheon honoring the 2022 NAADAC Award winners. Support NAADAC as we look back at where we’ve come from and look forward to what’s ahead. Sponsorship includes a special thank you by NAADAC’s President at the podium, a logo on the thank you slide in the opening slide deck, prominent table signage at the luncheon and around the conference, and recognition on the NAADAC website and in other event promotions where appropriate. 

Gold ($7,500)

  • Wifi for Attendees: Exclusive – $7,500 – SOLD!
    This is your opportunity to sponsor complimentary wireless internet for all conference attendees. Your company will receive recognition and thanks in all printed and online event materials (where appropriate), recognition on the home screen/landing page directing users to a URL/ message of the sponsor’s choice, and a customized network password (chosen by sponsor). In addition, multiple signs with your sponsor logo will be prominently displayed throughout the conference area. 

Silver ($5,000)

  • Daily Audio/Visual Services: Non-exclusive – 6 available – $5,000 
    Audio/visual equipment inspires great conference presentations. This sponsorship opportunity helps provide the technology that is needed to deliver a dynamic conference. Sponsors will be thanked from the podium with the sponsor logo shown during the welcome of every morning keynote session. 
  • Conference Tote Bags: Exclusive – $5,000 SOLD!
    Gain widespread exposure with your logo branded on the Annual Conference tote bags, which are provided to all attendees at registration. Tote bags will feature your sponsor logo on one side of the bag with the NAADAC Annual Conference logo on the other side.
  • 50th Anniversary Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall: Non-exclusive – 6 available – $5,000 
    Welcome all attendees to the conference with this special sponsorship opportunity! Sponsors will receive brand inclusion on conference signage, the NAADAC website, and other event promotions where appropriate. 
  • Daily Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall: Non-exclusive –2 available – $5,000 
    Attendees will appreciate a continental breakfast in the Exhibit Hall at the start of their day. Benefits include signage recognition during breakfast. 
  • Lunch in the Exhibit Hall: Non-exclusive – 2 available – $5,000 
    Conference attendees will appreciate this boxed lunch and networking opportunity provided by your organization. Sponsors will receive brand inclusion on conference signage, the NAADAC website, and other event promotions where appropriate. 
  • Conference Lanyards: Exclusive – $5,000  SOLD!
    Imprint (full color) your company name/logo on the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conference Lanyards! The lanyard will be attached to name badges worn by every attendee, sponsor/exhibitor, and speaker for the duration of the conference. Collar prospective clients and promote your company long after the conference has ended! 
  • Conference Notepads: Exclusive – $5,000  – SOLD!
    Be on attendees’ minds throughout the conference! This opportunity allows you to provide notepads with your company logo to all conference attendees as they check-in. 
  • Hotel Key Cards: Exclusive – $5,000  – SOLD!
    Place your company’s full-color graphic logo on each attendee’s electronic hotel room key card, and you can go everywhere they go! This unique sponsorship option offers frequent exposure and unlocks unlimited potential for networking. 

Bronze ($2,500 +)

  • Escalator Advertising: Exclusive – $4,000 
    Your custom advertisement can be on the escalators leading to the Exhibit Hall and plenary sessions. Showcase your custom graphics on escalator runners that attendees will use on a daily basis! 
  • Charging Stations: Non-exclusive – 2 Available – $3,500 
    With almost all attendees using their phones, tablets, and mobile devices throughout the event, a custom-branded charging table with seating positioned in a high-traffic area of the conference is a great way to impress attendees while enhancing your brand and message. In addition, your company can provide artwork for a full-table cling advertisement. 
  • Session Sponsorship: Limited to One Sponsor Per Session – $2,500
    Sponsoring a NAADAC Annual Conference session builds visibility for your brand and connects you with attendees. Benefits include:
    • Company logo with a link on the 2022 Annual Conference schedule webpage
    • Company logo in the 2022 Annual Conference Program (with a link in the digital version)
    • Recognition by session presenters during the sponsored session
    • Company logo on introductory slides of the sponsored session
  • Conference Hotel Room Drops: Non-exclusive – $2,500 
    Make a big impact on attendees as they check into their room or retire for the night. Your marketing materials and/or giveaways can be placed on the door handle, outside the door, or inside each attendee room at our host hotel. Sponsor is responsible for hotel fees and fees for producing items. 

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Exhibit Hall Meter Board: Non-exclusive – $2,000 
    Promote your product, service, or exhibit presence on a single-sided meter board located in a high traffic area. 
  • Conference Tote Bag Insert: Non-exclusive – $1,000 
    Introduce your company to the attendees as soon as they receive their NAADAC materials. Have your company’s promotional flyer, special offers, or product catalog inserted into the conference tote bags given out to every attendee. Sponsor is responsible for fees for producing and shipping items.
  • Rotating Conference App Banner Ad: Non-exclusive – $750 
    Grab attendees’ attention with a rotating ad that will appear on selected app pages with a direct link to your website. Contact [email protected] for app banner ad specifications.
  • Rotating Conference Website Banner Ad: Non-exclusive – $500 
    Get noticed! A rotating ad will appear on the side of all conference web pages on the NAADAC website with a direct link to your website. Banner ad specifications: 250x625px
  • Conference App Push Notification: Non-exclusive – $250 
    Send a powerful “real-time” message to all conference attendees at a designated date and time during the conference. Similar to a text message, your message goes through the conference app itself to every attendee who has downloaded the app. (Limited to one push notification per company.) 
  • Digital Advertising in NAADAC’s Addiction & Recovery eNewsNon-exclusive - Prices Vary 
    Addiction & Recovery eNews is a bi-weekly resource delivering trending and breaking news, innovations, research, and trends to the inboxes of over 80,000 addiction professionals. This is a great way to remind attendees and NAADAC subscribers of your company and your booth location before and after the conference.
Sponsorship Benefits

Download 2022 Prospectus & Order Form

Onsite Program Advertisements

Advertise in NAADAC's onsite conference program & be seen by all attendees!

  • Front inside cover, full color: $2,000 – SOLD!
  • Back inside cover, full color: $1,500
  • Full-page, interior, black & white: $1,000
  • Half-page, interior, black & white: $700
  • Quarter-page, interior, black & white: $500
  • Business card, interior, black & white: $300

Download 2022 Prospectus & Order Form

Sponsor/Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

All sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers must subscribe and agree to all terms and conditions for the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conferene & 50th Anniversary Celebration, which can be found below. NAADAC reserves the right to refuse the sponsor/exhibitor/advertiser application for any reason.

All sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers must also subscribe and agree to all conference policies, which can be found at www.naadac.org/ac22-conference-policies, and confirm that all sponsor/exhibitor representatives will adhere to the conference policies, including the Health & Safety Policies.

Please see below for the full list of sponsor/exhibitor terms and conditions

Sponsor/Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Enforcement, Interpretation, and Eligibility: In the enforcement and in­ter­pre­tation of the following terms, the decision of NAADAC Executives is ­final. NAADAC reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company for in­clusion in the con­ference and its marketing programs; and to reject, eject, or pro­hibit an exhibit or exhibitor for any reason. In applying for exhibit space, each exhibitor/sponsor agrees to abide by the terms set forth in this pro­spec­tus. NAADAC reserves the right to re­arrange the floor plan or relocate booths.

Nontransferable: Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or share any ­portion of their allocated space without express written permission from NAADAC.

Noise Control: Exhibitors are prohibited from playing radios and any ­other music in the exhibit area.

Direct Sales: Selling books from exhibit booths is permitted.

Book Signings: Book signings must be arranged through NAADAC’s approved bookstore.

Services Offered at Booth: Services such as massage, caricatures, pho­tog­raphy, etc., must be approved by NAADAC.

Installation and Removal: All storage and handling charges due to failure to remove exhibit materials from the display or storage area at the con­clusion of the move-out period shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor. These dates and times are specified in the prospectus but are subject to change. Exhibitors will receive instructions for storage and trash onsite. All exhibits are to remain open during the scheduled hours. There will be no set­up during scheduled open hours and no teardown until after the closing set forth in this prospectus.

Damage to Property: Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to building, floors, walls, columns, tables, or to any other exhibitor’s property. Ex­hib­­i­tors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive, or any other coating to build­ing columns, floors, walls, or tables.

General: All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are at the discretion of NAADAC. These regulations may be amended at any time by NAADAC, and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties upon publication.

Security: Exhibitors are responsible for all unsecured materials or property of value left in the exhibit room during and after exhibit hours. 

Fire, Safety, and Health: The exhibitor agrees to accept full responsibility for compliance with local, city, and state fire, safety, and health ordinances re­garding the installation and operation of equipment. Only fireproof materials should be used in exhibits. The necessary fire precautions will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Liability: It shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor to maintain insurance coverage against injury to persons or damage to or loss of property or to meet its obligations under this agreement in such amounts as the ex­hib­itor shall deem adequate. Event insurance will be provided by NAADAC. The spon­sor/exhibitor agrees to make no claim, for any reason whatso­ever, against NAADAC, the hotel, or any other contractors for loss, theft, damage, or destruction of goods, or for any injury to herself/himself or employees. Nor will claim be made for any damage of any nature or character, including damage by reason of the failure to provide space for the exhibit, or for removal of the exhibit, or for the failure to hold the conference as scheduled.

Unoccupied Space: NAADAC reserves the right, should any rented exhibitor’s space ­remain unoccupied on the opening day, or should any space be forfeited due to failure to make payment, to rent that space to any other exhibitor, or to use that space for such purposes as it may see fit without any liability on its part. This clause shall not affect the obligation of the ex­hib­itor to pay the full amount specified in the exhibitor space ­agreement.

Nontransferable Exhibit Badges: Each exhibitor will receive one complimentary full conference registration badges. Each badge will only be assigned to one person for the duration of the conference. Badges are nontransferable after September 23, 2022. Additional exhibit only badges can be purchased at $400 for the exhibit hall only.

Registration and Payment Deadlines: Application and Contract Form with full payment for all sponsorships and exhibitors should be received by Monday, August 29, 2022 for inclusion in the onsite conference program and event app.

Cancellation and Refunds: NAADAC is unable to cancel or refund spon­sor­ship once payment is processed. Refunds of exhibit fees may be made by NAADAC only if the space is able to be sold to another party.

Conference Policies: Please see www.naadac.org/ac22-conference-policies for NAADAC’s code of conduct, registration cancellation policy, health & safety policies, and more.

Exhibitor Kit

Confirmed exhibitors will be receiving an email invitation to access the full Exhibitor Kit for ordering and additional information. 

Download Exhibitor Kit Summary