The National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP), under the auspices of NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, operates as an independent body for all matters involving the Association’s substance use disorders counselor certification and endorsement opportunities at the national and international level.

Established in 1989, the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals (NCC AP) has independent autonomy in the development and promulgation of standards for testing, including who qualifies for the exams, content, administration, scoring and appeals. Specifically, the NCC AP:

  • Develops and keeps current national and international standards of requisite knowledge in substance use disorder counseling;
  • Provides evaluation mechanisms for measuring and monitoring the level of knowledge required for national and international credentialing;
  • Provides formal recognition to those individuals who meet the national and international standards; and
  • Establishes appropriate policies for acquiring and maintaining the national and international credentials.

PLEASE NOTE: NCC AP Certification and NAADAC membership are distinct.  NAADAC membership is not required to hold a NCC AP credential and NCC AP certification does not automatically include NAADAC membership.  Click here for more information about the benefits of NAADAC membership.

NCC AP Commissioners

Michael Kemp, NCAC I

Secretary & Treasurer

Michael Kemp, NCAC I, has worked in the addiction profession for over 30 years. He has worked as an addictions counselor, social worker, and clinical supervisor for the State of Wisconsin. In addition, Kemp was an instructor in an Addiction Studies program for 15 years and clinically supervised several community based programs. In 2015, he retired from Wisconsin State service and moved west to become the Director of Peer Recovery Services at Oregon State Hospital - Salem. Kemp has been a NAADAC member since 1995, and has served on the Public Policy Committee for over 10 years. He took over as co-chair of the Public Policy Committee in the fall of 2014 and became an NCC AP Commissioner in 2019. Kemp was the recipient of NAADAC’s Senator Howard E. Hughes Advocate of the Year in 2012.