CE Instructions for Sixth Annual Alaska Training Institute

For each certified or licensed professional, please note it is an ethical violation if you take an online CE quiz for a training you did not complete. By taking an online CE quiz and achieving a CE certificate, you are also attesting that you sat through the full time (CE hours) of the training.

Participants may earn 17.5 continuing education (CE) hours by attending the Sixth Annual Alaska Training Institute.
Quick Links
  1. Track attended sessions and the “Session Words.” At the beginning and end of each educational conference session, you will receive a “Session Word.” You will need this word to verify your attendance during the online conference evaluation and CE claim process.

    For your convenience, NAADAC has supplied a “Word of the Session & CE Tracking Form” that can be filled out with each session’s word to help you track the sessions you’ve attended.  

    Please note that session tracking is solely the responsibility of the attendee, and NAADAC cannot be held responsible for forgotten or lost session words. NAADAC staff members are not allowed to provide you with these words. By obtaining a CE certificate for a session, you are attesting that you attended the full duration of the training. Obtaining a CE certificate for a training you did not complete is an ethical violation that could result in loss of certification, license, and/or NAADAC membership.

  2. Access the Attendance Verification Quiz: You will need to complete the Attendance Verification Quiz and Survey Evaluation to access the CE Certificate. Attendees can navigate to the attendance verification quizzes by clicking on the link in the email sent to attendees at the end of each conference day. 

    Please click on the link in the email that says, "Access CE Quiz." This will direct you to NAADAC's Education Center. If you’re not already logged into your NAADAC account, a new tab in your browser will open, and you will be prompted to log in.

    Scroll down and find the attendance verification quiz for the session you’d like to take. 

  3. Complete the Attendance Verification Quiz and Survey Evaluation: 

    Complete the quiz process: Click on the Attendance Verification quiz for the session you attended. The Attendance Verification quiz will open and you can select the word-of-the-session that was given during the session you attended. When finished answering the question, click “NEXT,” and then “Submit Answers.” Finally, click “Go to next item →.”

    Complete the survey evaluation: Complete the survey evaluation for the event you attended. When finished answering the questions, click “NEXT,” and then “Submit Answers.” Finally, click “Go to next item →.”

  4. Download and save or print your certificate! Your certificate should appear on the screen.¬ You can click on “Print Certificate” and print the certificate or save it as an Adobe PDF file to your computer.  All certificates will be saved and can be accessed under your profile name settings in the NAADAC Education Center --> [Your Name] --> Certificates tab.  

Questions about the CE process? Please contact [email protected]