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In honor of NAADAC’s 50th Anniversary, a legend in the field who has made significant contributions to NAADAC and to the addiction profession will be honored. The NAADAC 50th Anniversary Legend Award is presented to a recognized leader and innovator in the field of addiction. 

Who better to pick who should win this award than our members?  We need your vote! Members are encouraged to vote for who they think best represents the spirit of the award. All NAADAC members in good standing are eligible to vote.

The NAADAC 50th Anniversary Legend Award shall be given to the nominee who best fits the following criteria:

  1. have a minimum of thirty years in the addiction counseling profession or related service;
  2. demonstrate a history of commitment to advancing the addiction profession and to growing and supporting the needs of the addiction profession;
  3. have led NAADAC developments at the national level to help create new programs, services, and/or trainings for addiction professionals; have a documented history in advocating for the addiction profession with lawmakers at either the state or national levels; or have otherwise contributed to the NAADAC community and the addiction profession in a meaningful and measurable way; 
  4. be considered to be a “legend” within the NAADAC community and the field of addiction;   
  5. be an active NAADAC member in good standing; and
  6. have demonstrated to the satisfaction of one's peers full compliance and support of NAADAC's Code of Ethics.

The NAADAC 50th Anniversary Legend Award Winner will be honored at the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conference & 50th Anniversary Celebration in Indianapolis, IN in October.

Learn more about each nominee below.

Voting Deadline: Friday, August 26, 2022

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Legend Award Nominees

Please read about the nominated candidates below in order to help inform your vote.

H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH

Santa Clara, CA

• Resume
• Letter of Nomination
• Letter of Recommendation 1
• Letter of Recommendation 2
• Letter of Recommendation 3
• Letter of Recommendation 4
• Letter of Recommendation 5

Pierluigi Mancini, PhD

Atlanta, GA

Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC

Chicago, IL

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