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Every two years, NAADAC members have the opportunity to select officers who will determine the direction of the Association, and represent their geographical regions on the NAADAC Executive Committee. All 2022-2024 terms will begin in October 2022, immediately following the NAADAC 2022 Annual Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebration.

NAADAC only received one nomination each for the positions of President-Elect, Treasurer, and Mid-Atlantic, Mid-South, Northeast, and Northwest Regional Vice Presidents. Therefore, these six nominees will be seated in their nominated roles for the 2022-2024 term without an election. The winning candidates’ statements are listed below for your review. Congratulations to our six winners!

This spring, NAADAC received two nominations for Secretary. Please find each candidate’s statements below in order to inform your vote.

The voting period is now closed. 

Candidate Statements

Please read the following statements by and for the candidates in order to help inform your vote this spring.

Candidate for President-Elect

Malcolm Horn, Ph.D., LCSW, MAC, LAC, SAP
Billings, MT
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I have served in a leadership position with NAADAC and my state affiliate for nearly a decade (both as Montana President and NW RVP). In the two terms served as RVP, I worked closely with the national office to rebuild 3 "quiet" states. have also embraced the team-philosophy of leadership that NAADAC has: we are a better organization when we work with stakeholders and listen to the needs of those that we serve. It has become evident to me that it is necessary to ensure the scope of our field is protected through education and advocacy. I currently serve on the Clinical Standards Committee to improve and advocate for a scope of practice for the field of SUD.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: In order to continue to provide evidence-based care to those struggling with substance-use  disorder, we must be able to educate our communities (both state and federal) about the need for a scope of practice and fair reimbursement. Those of us that work with this population recognize the specialty of our field and have a responsibility to those we serve (clients and staff) to ensure that the field of SUD treatment is recognized and protected. While other disciplines may provide treatment, NAADAC must be able to ensure their competence, knowledge and experience will meet the needs of SUD clients and evidence-based standards. We can do this through education in the communities we serve and the politicians we elect.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: Malcolm is a tireless advocate for education and improving our systems of change. Currently, she is co-chair of the Clinical Standards Committee; through this group, she is working to solidify a set standard of competencies for the addiction treatment field. This involves working with different sub-groups (LGBTQAI+, BIPOC, Veterans) to establish what a practitioner in the field must know to effectively and competently provide care.

Candidates for Secretary

Anna Godwin, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (NC), Certified Prevention Specialist (NC)
Wilson, NC
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I have been a member of NAADAC's North Carolina affiliate association (Addiction Professionals of North Carolina-APNC) for approximately 10 years. During this time, I have served on APNC's board as a member at large, Regional Vice-President, and Vice-President.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: There is great value found in NAADAC's established history and mission. These traits poise NAADAC to not only continue to be a leader and convener of substance use disorder and associated professionals across the United States, Canada and abroad but to expand in this role. As the field of continues to evolve, there is potential for NAADAC to do the same while remaining true to its mission "to lead, unify and empower addiction focused professionals to achieve excellence through education, advocacy, knowledge, standards of practice, ethics, professional development and research." NAADAC is able to support unity amongst the field through trainings on evidence based practices, providing solid research findings to membership, and offering advocacy that centers around the health and well-being of the individuals we serve.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: Being both licensed as a treatment provider and certified as a prevention provider allows me to have a unique perspective within the field of substance use disorders. As CEO of a non-profit entity that focuses on community-based prevention, I am well versed in the value of collaborative approaches to efforts. I enjoy being the convener of conversations/efforts, have extensive experience in conference planning, and am detail oriented. I am a part of multiple boards/organizations within the state of North Carolina that provide me the opportunity communicate with professionals across the continuum of care. I would be honored to share from my experiences while serving on NAADACs board and in turn sharing what I learn from my NAADAC experiences with other professionals.

James Johnson Jr. "JJ", BS, LADC, NCAC II, SAP, ICS
West Saint Paul, MN
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I joined the Wisconsin affiliate of NAADAC in 1992. I quickly discovered advocacy was what I excelled in and from there my involvement never waned. I attended my first Conference in Minneapolis in 1996 and was inspired even more. I had not realized the value of the network I became involved with. During that 1996 Conference I was also introduced to NALGAP (have been a member ever since). I moved to Minnesota in 2001 and was disappointed to hear the Minnesota NAADAC affiliate had gone dormant. I worked diligently to revitalize this affiliate and served as President during the development. During that time, the affiliate had significant growth and remains the North Central Regions leader in number of members. I became active in the North Central Region. I assisted in moving to reverse a pending action that would break-up the Region. I continued attending AIA throughout the years. 20 years after attending my first NAADAC Conference in Minneapolis, the affiliate successfully hosted the 2016 Annual Conference in Minneapolis. In 2016, it was an honor being elected as the North Central Regional Vice President and served in that role until 2021. My 30+ years as an active NAADAC member parallel with my 30+ years in a recovery organization enhanced both my personal and professional growth.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: During my involvement, I witnessed NAADAC go through some significant adventures that both threated our future and some that led to unimagined growth. The future of NAADAC is embracing the global network of professionals without compromising what we have built over the last 50 years. We have opportunities our founders may not have dreamed about. We serve as peers across this association. In this service, we touch all those professionals that impact individuals, families, and communities. It is important that we continue to embrace members across the spectrum. All are welcome. Prevention Specialists, Students, Peers, Educators, SUD Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Doctors, Nurses…this list goes on. We as the leadership of NAADAC always strive to be the Association of ALL Professionals working to improve the lives of those suffering from substance use disorder. I truly believe that the work of NAADAC within the affiliates is of the utmost importance. Building strong affiliates and serving the volunteer boards will fulfil our mission "NAADAC's Mission is to lead, unify and empower substance use disorder focused professionals to achieve excellence through education, advocacy, knowledge, standards of practice, ethics, professional development and research." - NAADAC Mission Statement adopted 1998

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: I have been an SUD Professional since 1990 starting as a counselor in Wisconsin. As I became certified and soon became a leader in my organization. In 1992, I had the opportunity to work with the Mayo organization aligned with World Learning, the American International Health Alliance, and Sister Cities International to develop and implement plans to open treatment centers in 6 cities throughout Russia. The proceeding 4 years trained counselors, worked with NGO’s and each community to create sustainable agencies. 4 of the 6 cites continued sustainability in 2021. My career spans 30 years as Counselor, Supervisor, Manager, Director and now as a SUD Individual in Private practice.

Candidate for Treasurer

Jerry A. Jenkins, M.Ed., LADAC, MAC
Anchorage, AK
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities:
- Tennessee NAADAC Affiliate - Tennessee Association of Alcholism and Drug Abuse Counselors - Member 1985-2002 - Past President; Secretary; Treasurer and Legislative Committee Chair
- NAADAC - Member since 1985 - Treasurer 2020-Present; Commissioner, NAADAC Certification Commission (NCC) 1993-1999; Chair, National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals 2017-2020
- Alaska NAADAC Affiliate - Alaska Association of Addiction Professionals - 2003-Present
- Alaska Commission on Behavioral Health Certification - Commissioner - 2006-2009; 2017-Present

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: I consider NAADAC the premier organization representing the substance use disorder treatment workforce and all the nuances associated with it. NAADAC is positioned to continue to lead in the areas of advocacy, workforce education and training, and certification to recognize professionalism. These are just a few of the ways NAADAC serves the field on national, international and respective state levels. NAADAC provides a structure for the exchange of ideas, lessons learned and collaboration. NAADAC offers opportunities to improve skills through the broad array of trainings offered (webinars to study guides to the regional and national conferences) as well as opportunities to develop leadership skills by serving in this membership organization.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: 
- CEO, Anchorage/Fairbanks Community Mental Health Services (2003-2018) - Alaska Behavioral Health Association (ABHA) - 2003 - 2018 - Board of Directors - 2003-2005; 2013 - 2018; Board President 2014-2017 - healtheconnect Alaska (health information exchange) Board of Directors - November 2015 - 2021; Board President 2017-2021 - Commonwealth North - Health Care Action Coalition; Fiscal Policy Study Group - 2013 - Present - Behavioral Health Workgroup, Alaska Criminal Justice Commission - 2016 - Alaska Division of Behavioral Health 1115 Waiver Benefits Design Team - 2016 - Alaska International Education Foundation - Board of Directors - 2006 - 2015 - Alaska Youth

Candidate for Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President

Susie Mullens, MS, LPC, AADC-S, Licensed Psychologist
Charleston, WV
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: It has been my pleasure and privilege to have been involved with NAADAC and our West Virginia affiliate, WVAADAC, since the early 2000's. Over the years, I have been a part of the NAADAC Veteran's subcommittee, NAADAC Conference Committee and National Minority Fellowship Program (NMFP) Advisory Committee. During my many years as a member of WVAADAC I have served as President and have been a part of several committees including professional development, conference, bylaws and awards/nominations. I am a current WVAADAC Board Member and am the co-chair of the professional development committee and chair of the conference committee. I am a recipient of the 2008 President's Award (WVAADAC), 2013 Lisa Grossi Award (WVCBAPP) and the 2021 Association of Recovery in Higher Education Advocacy Award (ARHE). 

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: The future of NAADAC lies in our ability to collaborate within our own organization at the state and national level and to engage with other professionals (clinical and non-clinical alike). The opioid and overall addiction crisis in our country makes our expertise more important than ever. Our allied professions (Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Medical/Nursing) should be able to depend upon us to support them as they grow and join the necessary workforce needed to respond to the epidemic that has left no one untouched, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mission of NAADAC, and all affiliates, is to lead and unify in the areas of education, advocacy, knowledge, standards of practice, ethics, professional development, and research. I truly believe in the African proverb, "if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together". We must engage and include the whole continuum of care and bring all stakeholders to the table if we are to achieve the mission and save lives while elevating the addiction profession.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: Susie has worked in the mental health & substance use disorder field for over 30 years and has worked in all aspects of the continuum of care. She is currently the program coordinator for the WV Collegiate Recovery Network which is housed at Marshall University Research Corp. Alliance for the Economic Development of Southern WV, to help expand collegiate recovery efforts in WV. She was formerly the Interim Director of the West Virginia Office of Drug control Policy (ODCP). While at ODCP she was responsible for securing the seed money (100K) for 5 collegiate recovery programs in WV.

Candidate for Mid-South Regional Vice President

Abby Willroth, BA, NCAC I, RDS, ADC, PR, SAP, MATC
Conway, AR
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: Abby Willroth has worked in substance use disorder treatment for 9 years and has been a member of NAADAC since 2018. Since joining NAADAC, has demonstrated a greater passion for the field of addictions and witnessing the benefits of joining a national organization. As more time progressed, Willroth observed some standards differences in training, credentialing and approaches to treatment within the state that led to an urgency of forming an interest group to address the needs and challenges of addictions professionals in the state of Arkansas. By 2019, Willroth with the guidance of NAADAC formed ARAPA, the Arkansas Addictions Professionals Association, which led to her official appointment as the first President of the founding Board in 2020.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: To continue the work and serve as a voice for the field of addiction services. Doing so in continung the advocacy for strengthening mental health parity and addiction equity, eliminating the stigma associated with substance use disorders by professionals and society at large, continued awareness and education of racial and ethnic disparities in treatment, lastly, forging an alliance with state credentialing and licensure boards to execute the mission of providing adequate and appropriate services to those battling within the disease of addiction.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office:
* Years of experience in Medication-Assisted Treatment and counseling
* Experience in working in the Criminal Justice System (counseling)
* Hired as the first Medication Assisted Treatment Coordinator for the Arkansas Community Corrections, with the utilization of STR and SOR grants.
* Appointed first Founding Board President of ARAPA in 2020
* MAT Training Facilitator within the criminal justice system
* Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, with firsthand knowledge and education of the Department of Transportation
* CEO and Independent Contractor of Willroth Consulting

Candidate for Northeast Regional Vice President

Christopher J. Taylor, DBA, CASAC, LMHC, MAC
Avon, NY
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I have been a Member of NAADAC for over twenty years. During that time, I have served on my State Affiliate as a Member, then as State President. As President, I have represented NAADAC on several Boards and Committees. Presently I serve on the New York Certification Board, which oversees certification and training for Peers in the State. I also serve as Chair of the Ethics Committee. On behalf of the Members of my Region, I have been honored to serve as the Northeast Regional Vice President, which allows me to sit on the NAADAC Board and the Membership Committee. Despite the challenges associated with COVID, our Region has thrived and grown in Membership. This year, we were able to establish an Affiliate in Rhode Island, re-activate the New York Affiliate, and are in the process of re-activating Maine.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: The future of NAADAC lies with our Members. NAADAC has seen recent growth in both Membership and Affiliates. Professionals in this field are currently facing several challenges associated with telehealth, workforce issues, and low wages. It is important that NAADAC not only be aware of these issues and work toward improving them, but also have a good understanding of each of these as they pertain to each State. Doing this can help Affiliates get the support that they need in order to have the most significant impact on their Members.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: I have served in progressively responsible roles in our profession over the past 30 years. whether as a counselor, clinical supervisor, or CEO, my commitment to our profession has remained strong. I believe that the work that we all do is so important, and that it takes special, dedicated people to do what we do.  I would be honored to serve a second term as the NAADAC Northeast Regional Vice President.

Candidate for Northwest Regional Vice President

Sharon "Shari" B. Rigg, LAC
Missoula, MT
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I am the current RVP for the Northwest region and have been since Oct 2020. I have been a ember of the Montana chapter (MAADAC) of AADAC since I was a student at the University of Great Falls, now Providence University. I have been a member of the MAADAC Board of Directors for the past 6 years and am the current Vice President of MAADAC. I have participated in the MAADAC conferences throughout my membership.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: I believe NAADAC is vital to the ongoing promotion of Addiction medicine and the delivery of quality addiction services. I believe addiction is an epidemic in our country and is a national health catastrophe. It is extremely important to have well-trained and knowledgeable therapist and agencies in the field and to distinguish substance use and addiction diagnoses from other mental health diagnoses I believe in upgrading the status of addiction professionals and would like to see national recognition of credentials and portability of our license.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: I have worked exclusively in the field of addiction for the past 22 years. I am the Executive Director of a Montana state approved facility and understand service delivery from a state agency point of view as well as a private practitioner perspective. I have been a clinical supervisor for nearly all of my 22 years in the filed and have trained and provided supervision for candidates working on required hours of clinical supervision for licensure. I was recently appointed to serve on the Montana Board of Behavioral Health for a term of 6 years.


If you have any questions about the nomination process, please email [email protected] or call 703.741.7686.