Let NAADAC hear your voice!

Every two years, NAADAC members have the opportunity to select officers who will determine the direction of the Association and represent their geographical regions on the NAADAC Executive Committee, with four of NAADAC's eight regional positions being up for election each year. This year, the Mid-Central, North Central, Southeast, and Southwest Regional Vice President positions came up for election. 

NAADAC only received one nominee each for the positions of Mid-Central, North Central, and Southwest Regional Vice President. Therefore, these three nominees will be seated in their nominated roles for the 2021-2023 term without an election. The winning candidates’ statements are listed below for your review. Congratulations to our three winners!

This spring, NAADAC received two nominations for Southeast Regional Vice President (represents AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN). Candidate statements can be found below to inform your vote.

Voting starts on May 1, 2021 and ends May 31, 2021. All NAADAC members in the Southeast Region (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee) are eligible and encouraged to vote for the Southeast Regional Vice President. Members may vote online by logging into their Member Portal or by mail. To request a paper ballot to vote by mail, please email Kristin Hamilton, JD, at [email protected].

All 2021-2023 terms will begin in October 2021, immediately following the virtual NAADAC 2021 Annual Conference.

Voting is now closed for the 2021 elections.


If you have any questions about the election process, please email [email protected] or call 703.741.7686.

Candidate Statements

Please read the following statements by and for the candidates in order to help inform your vote this spring.

Candidate for Mid-Central Regional Vice President

Raynard Packard, M.A.ed., PsyD (candidate), LICDC-CS (Ohio)
Akron, OH
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee's NAADAC activities: Member since 90s (with a hiatus in 2000s). Former NAADAC Public Policy Committee. Former OAADAC Akron, Ohio Chapter President, Former OAADAC Ohio Vice President, Current OAADAC President.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: As addiction professionals we must move towards the big-tent of inclusivity. Current needs require skilled providers in the trenches equipped to fight the addiction epidemic within the pandemic. We must recruit, provide the continuing guidance, and retain those who bring their passion to the field - at all levels.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: Former military leader, and spearheaded Ohio's Recovery Oriented Systems of Care revolution from the 90s on.

Candidate for North Central Regional Vice President

Mark Young, Licensed Addiction Counseor; Master of Arts/Community Counseling
Sioux Falls, SD
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: Currently President (2017-2021) of South Dakota Addiction + Prevention Professionals (SDAAPP) the NAADAC affiliate. SDAAPP East River Representative (2013-2017). NAADAC Board since 2017, Delegate to annual conferences in Orlando (2017), Houston (2018), and virtual (2020). Joined NAADAC International Delegation to Greece, (March 6-13, 2020). SDAAPP By-Laws Revision Workgroup Member, (2016).

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: I see the Association for Addiction Professionals standing on pillars of teamwork, advocacy, training, and service. Our vision should be expansive: becoming a louder voice of advocacy by continuing our growth in membership; pursuing the ongoing work for state-to-state standards seeking consistency in professional practice; and continuing to grow our international presence through delegations, personal contacts, and provision of support + growing expertise through training.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: Work experience in addictions: 1993-1997, First Step Counseling; 1998-2001, Charter Hospital; 2002-2004, First Step Counseling Clinical Director; 2005-Present, VA. Experience in lobbying: South Dakota State Government, 1971-1984 included management level 1973-1984 including Acting Director of Tourism Department presenting budget in legislative hearings, 1981. Lobbying congressional offices for AFGE Local 1509 as Legislative Officer, seven trips to Washington between 2009-2017. Serve on MPATTC Treatment + Treatment Provider Workgroup.

Candidate for Southeast Regional Vice President

Mat Sandifer, LCSW, LCAS, CSI
Greensboro, NC
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I have had the honor of serving on NAADAC's Executive Board for the past two years as the South East Regional Vice President. During this time as the South East VP, the state affiliates have taught me about their challenges and successes. As the COVID Pandemic has increasingly disrupted service delivery, the free flow of communication and information between NAADAC and our affiliates is crucial to support and meet the challenges that COVID has imposed on the profession and, most notably, those we serve. With the new administration and legislative initiatives that NAADAC will propose, NAADAC must understand each state's environment to best support SUD professionals. I see the job of the Regional VP as instrumental in that understanding. Finally, I have served, as all Regional VP's do, on the membership committee. This service allows me to understand the SUD profession's broader challenges to engage and retain new NAADAC members and cultivate new professionals keeping NAADAC and the SUD profession invigorated and growing.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: NAADAC is the national voice for SUD professionals. During the current unstable national environment, NAADAC's role in supporting professionals with policy and legislative agendas, while historically essential, is crucial today as SUD professionals face fiscal and policy obstacles. NAADAC's dedication to understanding each affiliate's unique situation informs NAADAC's initiatives and policies. SUD and MH disorders are increasing during this time of health and political crisis. NAADAC's leadership through legislative and educational advocacy positions NAADAC as a leader supporting our profession's work during a challenging time.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: I have worked as a SUD professional since 1992. Like many of you, I have seen the evolution of our profession. Experiencing the numerous service delivery reforms, reimbursement approaches, and shifting political policies taught me the value of flexibility and open-mindedness while maintaining a dedication to foundational principles. As a community advocate, I helped form a local community advocacy group, CURE Triad. CURE Triad's mission is to reduce systemic barriers to accessing services and advocating for evidence-based best practices. CURE partnered with local and state leaders and public and private providers to identify and address service access obstacles. I also currently serve on NAADAC's North Carolina affiliate, APNC's Board. I have served on the APNC board for six years. I am the co-chair of the Social Justice Committee. This committee is addressing the necessary and challenging topic of racism, identifying systemic barriers to access respectful and responsive services. These experiences collectively give me a broad view of the challenges ahead for SUD. If elected to serve as the South East Region VP, I will bring my experiences, open ears, and a willing spirit to support SUD professionals in the South East Region.

Terry Kinnaman, LADAC 11, CAADAC, MAC, QCS
Spring Hill, TN
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I have been an active member of NAADAC for twenty years. During this time, it has been an honor to serve as the president of the Tennessee Association of Addiction Professionals for the last two years. In my tenure with NAADAC I have served as the president of the Middle Tennessee Region of Addiction Professionals, I have served as president of the state of Tennessee Licensure Board, and I have been awarded honors as Counselor of the Year, Professional of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from both the Middle Tennessee and the state association of NAADAC. I have held regional and state trainings in addiction counseling and supervision. I am a Certified Qualified Clinical Supervisor by the state of Tennessee for those preparing to enter this profession.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: NAADAC represents the profession for the Addiction Professional and is the standard barrier for those in this position. As Addiction Professionals we have been entrusted with caring for those who are suffering from one of the most horrific and deadly diseases of our lifetime. NAADAC sets professional standards and provides quality and excellent trainings to ensure the best of care is provided to save the lives of others. NAADAC must continue efforts to see that only the best and most qualified continue in this service to others. It is my intention to continue to represent the people in this profession and continue to develop standards of professional care for others.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: I have been involved in multiple program start-ups. In doing this, I have relied on the standards of NAADAC and the Code of Conduct for those that I have brought into this profession. I believe that addiction counseling does save lives and improves the lives of others whose lives have been impacted by this disease. This has been my mission for thirty years and I intend to continue this belief in all I am entrusted to care for.

Candidate for Southwest Regional Vice President

Thomas Gorham, LMFT, SUDCC IV
Berkeley, CA
[email protected]

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I am currently the Southwest Regional Vice President. I have been a NAADAC member since 2001. I was the founding president of the Addiction Professional Association of California. I spent over 8 years organizing the California affiliate. I organized the workforce by collaborating with the existing certifying entities, including NAADAC, to give the Addiction Professional a voice in California. I have also partnered with NAADAC for the past 5 years to train and certify inmates in 35 California prisons. Options Recovery Services was honored in 2005 with the Outstanding Organizational award while I was the Clinical Director there.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: My philosophy for the future of NAADAC is to continue to support the Addiction Professional workforce in a number of ways. 1) Training the workforce in the science for effective treatment is one thing we do well and should continue that effort. 2) I also see NAADAC's role as political in nature. We need to continue to advocate for and affect change in government policy and law. The discrimination of those that suffer from Substance Use Disorders must stop and treatment must be made available on demand. 3) Finally, NAADAC should continue to address the many social justice issues present in our society total. We must be the voice of reason concerning how those challenges affect the population that we serve.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Substance Use Disorder IV through CADTP. I have a track record in leadership having been an Executive Director of Options Recovery Services. I was the President of APAC for almost 10 years and am currently serving as Regional Vice President for the Southwest region. I have shown the ability, passion and willingness to continue to serve the membership as S.W. Regional Vice President.