Make a difference by nominating a passionate, skilled and dedicated addiction professional to represent the Mid-South Region (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) on the NAADAC Executive Committee for the 2018-2020 term. The nomination period was open from October 24, 2018 to November 16, 2018, with special election voting taking place November 26, 2018 through December 21, 2018.

Please note: Only current NAADAC members residing or working in the Mid-South Region (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) are eligible and encouraged to vote. Members will need to sign into their Members-only portal as part of the voting process to verify NAADAC membership.



If you have any questions about the special election process, please email NAADAC Director of Operations & Finance HeidiAnne Werner, or call 703.741.7686 x101.

Candidate Statements

Please read the following statements by and for the candidates in order to help inform your vote.


John Cates, MA, LCDC 
Richmond, TX

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: . John Cates has been a member of NAADAC since the 1980s. He has served in every office available for NAADAC’s Texas affiliate, TAAP’s, Houston chapter including President. He is currently serving on TAAP’s Board of Directors and also the Houston chapter board. He has been active in advocacy with NAADAC since the 1980's and is presently co-chair of the Houston chapter’s Advocacy Committee. John has made many advocacy visits to Washington DC and Austin, predating the Parity Bill and the Affordable Care Act. For decades, he has actively promoted, attended, and presented at a multitude of NAADAC Conferences and activities around the United States, most recently presenting at the National Conference in Houston. John has been the recipient of many awards, including NAADAC’s Lora Roe Memorial Counselor of the Year Award in 2001, as well as TAAP’s Counselor of the Year, and the Houston Chapter’s Counselor of the Year. He was recently honored with placement in the TAAP Houston Chapter Hall of Fame.

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: Being a person in long term recovery, 42 years, and having the honor to work with those with substance use disorders all that time, I have developed a great interest of the disease of addiction and our culture’s attempts to deal with it. Always valuing NAADAC and the affiliate organizations’ efforts, my respect and admiration has grown and my desire to help in any way I can has increased accordingly. I had the opportunity to see what the advent of technology did for our efforts by allowing us to see the effects of neuro-changing substances on the brain via CT Scans and MRIs. We know, without a doubt, this is a disease. Likewise, with increased research into the efficacy of the approaches we have learned, we can step forward and point to certain techniques and efforts and say, “This works!” Working with programs in other countries, and a variety of cultures in the United States, I am further impressed this disease is truly a world-wide health problem and it is probable that substance abuse and the resultant personality and thinking changes are at the bottom of many of our critical societal issues.

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: After opening the first free standing recovery high school in 1976 (according to Vanderbilt University), John joined the staff of Palmer Drug Abuse Program, (first APG program) and negotiated a contract to place a recovering counselor in Ft. Bend ISD’s high school. He became Executive Director of PDAP Houston in 1977 with 3700 active clients, managing 200 full time employees with 22 satellite offices, a high school, three hospital programs, job placement program, two probation programs, and two sober living centers…all non-profit. In a 1997 paper for NAADAC’s National Convention, he coined the term, “alternative peer group (APG) program”.  The phrase was quoted in the film, Generation Found, and is now used nationally. Co-founding Lifeway in 1985, it grew to a program serving 11 cities in the U.S., 3 in Canada, 4 residential facilities, sober living homes, and four recovery high schools. He co-authored the book, Recovering Our Children, and has published numerous articles.  John has built residential programs in Mexico, outpatient programs in Bulgaria, and given presentations in Moscow.  He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Association of Recovery Schools, among other honors.  His greatest gift is his wife of 38 years and their two children.



Peter D. Mott, MA, ICPS, LCDX
Houston, TX

Summarize the nominee’s NAADAC activities: I am currently the Preisdent of the Houston Chapter TAAP. As President I am responsible for facilitiating montly meetings for local NAADAC/TAAP. The Houston Chapter host an annual addiction studies conference each year. I speak at the different events in the Greater Houston area promoting membership and advocacy for professionals in the addiction profession and people impacted by addiction. Assisted in coordinating the Recovery to Practice Symposium in Houston. Last but not least, volunteered on the NAADAC 2018 Annual Conference.  

Philosophy statement of the nominee on the future of NAADAC: I beleive that the future of NAADAC will be paramount in this ever changing addiction field. NAADAC will definitely have an assigned seat at the table in regards to legislative/policy-making and educating the community regarding addiction being a medical issue. 

Other qualifications of the nominee for this office: As Program Director for Symetrtia Recovery, an organization that specializes in Opioid Use Disorders, I am responsible for being a Change Agent in an abstinent-based Houston market advocating treatment with medication assistance is a true and viable option for Houstonians impacted by addiction. I'm involved with the Houston Recovery Initiative (HRI). HRI city-wide recovery coalition. My focus on the committee is supporting recovery in the workplace. I'm also a entrepreneur. I created National Workplace Prevention Resources. I assist employers in developing their drug-free workplace programs.