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The Association for Addiction Professionals

States Using NCC AP Exams


As of July 1, 2015 all candidates for attaining a NCC AP level credential or endorsement must first submit a completed application to be pre-approved for testing.

If you do not hold a current state issued credential/license, please contact your state certification/licensing board for information on testing. You will receive a special code from your state board that must be entered in the online testing application.

Use of NCC AP Test Products by State Boards

If you have passed your certification exam at the state level and if your state uses NCC AP’s exams, you may already have satisfied the NCC AP exam requirements.  Depending upon which state you hold a license or credential in, you may be eligible to submit the passing score from your state examination to apply to NCC AP for national certification, without retesting.

Several state certifying boards use the NCC AP written examination as their own, due to the high standards of knowledge and security of our tests. If you hold a state license or certification in any of these states, your passing score within the past four years is applicable to our national credentials, and you do not have to take the written examination again.

Below is a complete listing of State Boards using NCC AP Examinations. If your credential is from one of the states listed below, then you can print and fill out the credential application equivalent to your level of examination. If you have passed your certification exam at the state level, but your certification board is not on this list, you will need to complete the initial credential/endorsement application first.  Passing of NCC AP’s credential/endorsement exam will be required but upon approval of the initial credential/endorsement application. 

State Boards Using NCC AP Certification Examination(s) as of June 30, 2015

Alabama Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Certification Board

****Exam use – NCAC I & II

Alaska Commission for Chemical Dependency Professionals Certification
****Exam use - NCAC I & II

Colorado Association of Addiction Professionals
**** Exam use – NCAC I & II, MAC

District of Columbia Addiction Professionals Consortium
**** Exam use - NCAC I & II

District of Columbia Department of Health
Health Professional Licensing Administration/Boards of Allied & Behavioral Health

Georgia Addiction Counselors’ Association
****Exam use- NCAC I & II

Indiana Association for Addiction Professionals
****Exam use - NCAC I & II, MAC (for Clinical Supervision)

Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board

Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals
****Exam use - NCAC I & II, Use of NCC AP credentialing process for approval of candidates.

Kansas Behavioral Science Regulatory Board

Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy
****Exam use-licensure

Chemical Dependency Certification
****Exam use - NCAC I & II

New Mexico Counseling & Therapy Board
****Exam use - NCAC I & II

The Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon
****Exam use - NCAC I & II, MAC (for Clinical Supervision)

Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine
****Exam use - NCAC I & II

SCAADAC Certification Commission
****Exam use - NCAC I & II, MAC (for Clinical Supervision)

Tennessee Department of Health/Health Related Boards Division
****Exam use - NCAC I & II, MAC (for Clinical Supervision)

Association of Utah Association of Substance Abuse Professionals
****Exam use - NCAC I & II

Utah Department of Commerce/Utah Division of Occupational Professional Licensing

Washington State Department of Health
****Exam use - NCAC I & II, MAC (for Clinical Supervision)

Mental Health Professionals Licensing Board
****Exam use - NCAC I & II