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The Association for Addiction Professionals

Ph.D. Survey Service

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, is happy to work with Ph.D. students from accredited educational institutions to distribute a dissertation-related survey to NAADAC’s membership and/or constituents. Ph.D. students may contract with NAADAC to send one email out to either its whole member list (10,000+) or a clearly defined and segmented portion of its email list containing introductory information about the survey and a link to an online survey.


In order to partake in this service by NAADAC, PhD student must:
  • Be a current NAADAC member in good standing;
  • Be enrolled in an accredited doctoral program;
  • Obtain approval of dissertation and survey from student’s University Institutional Review Board;
  • Demonstrate how their academic research is relevant to NAADAC’s mission;
  • Agree to share study’s results with NAADAC within a timely manner for NAADAC’s use (appropriate credit will be given to the researcher); and
  • Agree to write an article about the survey results and submit to NAADAC for possible publication in Advances in Addiction & Recovery.


$300 service fee to cover NAADAC staff time in the administration of the survey

Requirements & Procedures

  1. Ph.D. student must submit a formal written request to NAADAC with the following items:
    • Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Ph.D. Surveys;
    • A current resume/curriculum vitae;
    • A letter addressed to the NAADAC Executive Director from Department Chair on College/University letterhead, evidencing Ph.D. student’s current enrollment in an accredited doctoral program;
    • Copy of study’s approval by the Ph.D. student’s College/University Institutional Review Board
    • A proposal, no more than five pages, outlining: (1) the purpose of the study; (2) the research questions/hypotheses; (3) explanation as to how research is relevant to NAADAC’s Mission; (4) the text of the email to be distributed to NAADAC members and/or constituents; (5) hyperlink to online survey; (6) proposed distribution plan; and (7) intended outcomes;
    • A copy of the online survey to be administered (in PDF or other format); and
    • Payment of $300. Payments may be made by check or by credit card.
  2. NAADAC staff will review all proposals for appropriate content and distribution plans.
  3. Upon approval, the NAADAC Director of Operations will contact Ph.D. student to agree on any suggested or necessary changes, and proposed distribution and data collection procedures, including:
    • Member/constituent group(s) survey should be distributed to;
    • Date and time of distribution;
    • Due date for survey results back to NAADAC; and
    • Due date for article on survey results.
  4. NAADAC will send survey out to agreed member/constituent group(s) at agreed date and time.
  5. Ph.D. student will send survey results back to NAADAC by designated date.
  6. Ph.D. student will provide an article about the survey results to NAADAC by designated date.

Please note, NAADAC does not guarantee a certain number of survey participants or certain kind of data.


Please contact Kristin Hamilton at

Download Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)